Saturday, December 10, 2011

I'm... sorry.....

There are so many reasons why people say the words, "I'm sorry." Sometimes we REALLY mean it. Sometimes the words are something to say because nothing else comes to mind. Sometimes it just feel like you should. 

There is also the sorry that you give to people suffering. Those who have lost a loved one. But do these words EVER seem like enough? No. I had a friend from high school that took his own life. As I was waiting in line to talk to his parents, I tried to think of something worthy enough to say to them. I'm Sorry?????? That was the lamest thing I could think of. So when it was finally my turn, I broke down. I couldn't utter a word. They comforted me. I felt like the lowest human being on the planet. Their child just took his own life- I should be comforting THEM! And here they are comforting me. I then uttered, I'm sorry.  

Finally, the sorry you really mean. The sorry that you give when you KNOW you have hurt someone. It's the time that words probably won't be enough, but there is nothing else in the english language that can convey what you feel at the time. You were wrong. You wish you could take something back. You wish you could take away their hurting. 

I'm sorry. 

Yet for some people, I'm sorry is the hardest thing for them to say. Do you just move on, knowing they probably didn't mean to hurt you? Or should you wait for the words to be spoken? Hard either way. 


In other news, we are still waiting to close on our house. We were told we had to wait until December 30th, because there is a lien on the house. But our realtor told us it could  be a little before then, so we are crossing our fingers that nothing else happens!  We are VERY ready to be in our own house. 

We also FINALY got our wedding pictures! YAY!! You can look at them at


passord: thefarmhouse

Ok i'm going to sign off for now. Hopefully in a week or two we will be in our house and I can post some before pictures! 

Blessings to you, wherever you are!