Monday, December 31, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new!

First of all, happy new year's eve, everyone! It's hard to believe this is the last day of 2012. It has been a great year! 

Yesterday my husband went to a casino overnight with some guy friends, so I had the afternoon and night all by myself. I was feeling well enough to go on a run. I wasn't sure how long I should go, so I decided on an easy 2 miles. It felt so good to get back outside and run a bit! I did a different route, and it was refreshing to switch it up a bit. Plus, I finally was able to try out my new  Garmin! I am having trouble figuring it all out- that thing is confusing! 

 When I got home, I considered going for another mile or two, but decided not to push it. I'm glad I stopped, because after I got out of the shower, my chest was hurting pretty badly and I couldn't stop coughing. :( womp womp. 

I got ready and went to see Les Miserables with my mom. 
very poor quality photo, sorry! 
The movie was decent, which I wasn't expecing. We did the musical in High school, so I have been familiar with it for a long time. When I heard who was going to be in the movie, I didn't have high hopes. Russell Crowe? Anne Hathaway? Amanda Seyfried?! COME ON! Anne Hathaway was actually Okay- but Russell Crowe was awful. Amanda Seyfried wasn't horrible, but wasn't great either. Anne Hathaway surprised me. Overall it was a pretty decent movie, and didn't ruin the show, which I was concerned about. 

After I got home, I watched a few TV movies with my dog, and texted my husband about how he was doing at the casino. Then I got this message:

Um, NICE! He won almost right away and didn't play anything else the entire night! That's some self control. He had a wonderful time with his friends, and I'm glad he could go and spend some time wtih them. It is amazing how much I missed him just for one night, though! I actually was a little scared at night, and ended up staying up past three in the morning. OOPS! :)

What can I say? Love this guy. 
 We can't decide what we want to do tonight to celebrate New Year's Eve. We've had lots of offers to go to parties, but we were both up VERY late last night. We have talked about just staying in. We'll see what happens!

What are your plans for tonight? Are you going somewhere or staying in? 

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

More Q&A

I was asked a few more questions, so here they are!

Q:This may have already been asked but how many times a week do you exercise and/or aim to exercise? 

A: Until I got sick, my plan is to do something 6 days a week with one rest day. Usually it works like this:
Sunday- Long run
Monday- stretch  & strengthen (typically a yoga video)
Tuesday-short run or cross 
wednesday-cross train(Typically a zumba class) 
Thursday- longer run
Friday- rest

I am hoping to start this back up tomorrow. I always allow myself extra rest days if I'm sore, something hurts, or I feel run down. I listen to my body and if it needs an extra day, I take it.  

Q:What are your top 5 favorite healthy meals? 

A:That's a hard question, because I am always changing it up. Two meals I make every single week are turkey tacos and quesadillas. They are also two of my husband's favorite meals, so that helps! They are so easy to make that I turn to them a lot. Otherwise, I just try to change it up a lot. I always have ground turkey and boneless skinless chicken breasts around, and work from there. You can see some of my other recipes here.

Q: It seems like everyone has an "aha" moment where you realize that you need to change your way of living and get healthy. Do you have one? Hope it's not too personal. 

A:Not too personal at all! If you have been reading awhile, I talk about my "aha" moment here and posted a little more of the backstory here. I also wrote why I started blogging about my weight loss here.

Any other questions out there for me? I hope you are all staying away from this sickness!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It's A Christmas Miracle!

I woke up on Christmas morning excited for the day, but dreading getting on the scale. I weigh in on Tuesdays mornings, so I knew I was probably going to be out of the challenge I'm in. (If you gain weight you are out.) So, I stepped on the scale and saw this...

WHAT?! I stayed the same?!??! It's a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!!! I've been sick for over a week and have not been eating well, not to mention no exercise, so I was very surprised. I checked about three times just in case it was toying with me, but it stayed the same. This is definitely motivation to eat well today and through the rest of the week! 

Did you gain weight over the Holidays? Did you allow yourself to let go or did you watch what you ate?

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Fashion Failure

Today was one of those days where I tried on everything in my closet and just couldn't find any outfit that was RIGHT. It amazes me how fashion-dumb I am. I thought I was okay at it, but after being XL for so long I gave up trying/caring about how I looked. So here I am after losing 25 lbs and I cannot find a. thing. to. wear. 

I mixed and matched this outfit 234348 times today. 

And I finally ended up with this. 

Still not satisfied with it, but It will do for today. I really need to go shopping, as my "skinny" jeans are super baggy and make my thighs look even larger than they already are.  Isn't that always the problem, though? Either I'm too big to wear certain clothes or I'm too poor to buy new ones.  Hopefully I will score some gift cards on Christmas and can go shopping over my break! I still have all of the ones I received for my Birthday in November, so I should be able to get a decent amount of clothes that actually fit! 

Have you lost weight? When did you have to start buying new clothes? 

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Q & A

I received an email from a reader yesterday. As I'm still super sick, I thought I could answer her question here!

"I started reading your blog and just love it!!
I had a question on a calorie counter and thought you might be able to help.
I'm looking for something that would track cals and distance (for running outside), but those seem a little pricey right now, for the good ones anyways. I know you had a polar for tracking cals, did you like it or would you recommend it?
I also saw that you have a fitbit- is that for cal counting and distance counting? Could you use that instead if a watch? What kind is yours?

Hi Meredith! To answer your question, first you need to ask yourself what you REALLY want/need. A fitbit counts your calories, and does it fairly accurately if you are just running/walking, and doing your regular everyday routine. It can also pretty accurately calculate your distance during a run, but that's about it.  If you want to do a zumba workout or something, the fitbit does not work. That's where a HRM can come in handy! I really liked my polar HRM, but decided I wanted to upgrade to something that would calculate my distance and pace for me as well. Currently when I run, I use both my HRM to calculate calories, my fitbit to count my steps, AND my iphone to calculate my distance/pace. That's a lot to keep track of! I asked for a Garmin for Christmas, which will calculate my calories, pace, distance, and whatever else. I will keep my phone just for music, which will save a LOT of battery! :) 

Basically, do you want to know how many calories you burn in a typical day? A fit bit is for you. 
Do you just want to know how many calories you burn doing a workout? A Polar HRM might be what you're looking for. 
Are you wanting to become a serious runner, and care about your pace/distance/ any other info you could ever want about your running? I would suggest a Garmin.

As for price, I've always found Amazon to have some amazing deals. Amazon even had a Garmin 410 on sale a few weeks ago for $160, which is more than half off! You can also find fitbits, HRMs, and probably Garmins used for a lot cheaper than buying one new. 

Thanks again for writing me, Meredith! I hope that was helpful.  And ya'll better check out her blog here!

Anyone else have a question for me? I'm SO BORED just laying here in my house! 
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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Down with the sickness

Welp, I have strep throat! I called and made an apt for a strep test right when I felt the sore throat coming on. The NP tried to tell me it was probably just a cold, but she would give me the strep test anyway. BOOYA- strep. I always know! They should never second guess me. I've had it 238432234 times now. 

I didn't workout yesterday, and I'm taking today and tomorrow off as well to rest. Hopefully I can still do some cross training on Saturday and another 5 mile run on Sunday. We shall see! 

Tomorrow is our Polar Express day at school, so I can wear Pajamas to school! Score! We put all the kids into groups and we "ride the polar express" to different rooms to do activities.  Luckily my group is singing Christmas Carols, and I found a great youtube that I can use. So I don't have to get off my butt! I'm on an antibiotic, so I don't think I will still be contagious by then. I'm still going to play it safe and carry hand sanitizer around with me for the kids, and have them disinfect desks. Did I mention I'm a germaphobe? 

Since I don't have much to write on the subject of fitness today, I want to get into Christmas gifts. My husband was a total lame-o and would NOT give me any ideas until a few weeks before Christmas. Doesn't he KNOW I do all my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving?! Ugh. So he has knowledge of ALL his presnets. He ordered 3 of them himself. Lamesauce. It has taken all the joy out of him opening his presents for me this year. 

I had a list made up ahead of time(of course). I asked for 2 Butler sweatshirts (1 grey & 1 Navy), a Garmin, compression socks, and gift cards for new clothes (since I'm losing weight.) Funny how my list has changed to almost all running gear this year. I get more excited about workout gear and running than I do about food and eating. {Epiphany!} Besides running clothes, I had a hard time coming up with other ideas. So... I'm turning to you for my next list! 

What did you ask for this year? What is your favorite gift you've ever received?

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

25 lbs down!

I woke up this morning feeling nasty. My throat hurts and I. am. exhausted.  Staying up late/getting up early taking care of my husband is catching up with me! He is feeling better, but now I'm catching something else. We just can't stay healthy long in this house. 

But on to the exciting news.

I woke up this morning and got on the scale. I knew I had lost... but look what stared back up at me.....

I've lost 25.4 lbs! I'm finally over my "plateau"  (is it still called a plateau when you eat like crap and stop working out?)     and back on my way. That's around 30% of the weight I want to lose. (see my awesome math skills?! yeah, I had to use a calculator.) 25 lbs down, 55 more to go. 

Walked into the teacher's lounge at work again today. UGH. Ate brownies, a cookie, crackers and dip. Probably around 49230432 calories. All I wanted was a salad. No, seriously, I was craving a salad from The Down Under like woah. So I got home, and we went. I bought some salad dressing to go, which is my current obsession. The only bad thing is that Nancy (the owner and the nicest woman on the planet) won't tell me what is in it, so I have to guesstimate on the calories. I don't mind as long as I can drink it  eat it on my salad all the time. That stuff is liquid gold, I tell you. 

What is the one food item you will NEVER give up? 

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Skinny Crock Pot Chicken & Noodles

3 miles on dredmill
1.0 incline

I stayed home with my husband today. He had a fever almost all of yesterday and through the night. I was up late tending to him, and then up early this morning. I was fully planning on going to work. I was just about to get into the shower and I heard moaning.

Me,"Are you okay?"
Andrew, "I know this is sad, but could you please but my blankets on me?"
"Sure. Should I stay home with you?
"I don't know."

When he said that, I knew I need to stay with him. He got about 17 hours of sleep. Inbetween waking him up for medicine, I got some cleaning done, and walked to the gym for a very quick run. It was supposed to be 3.5 miles today, but I didn't want to say away any longer. After my workout I ate and got things around for dinner. I am making a very simple chicken & noodles, and wanted to share the recipe with you all. It only takes 3 ingredients!

1 package Healthy Harvest whole grain extra wide noodles
1 can 98% fat free cream of chicken
Boneless skinless chicken breasts (my package was just over 2 lbs)
2 cups water (you can also use chicken stock- I didn't have any)
Any herbs and spices you want- I used some onion powder, sage, pepper, parsley) 

Place chicken breasts, water, and cream of chicken soup in crockpot. Cook on low 8-10 hours or on high 3 1/2 hours.Turn cooker to high and add noodles when broth is hot and bubbly. Cook 30-45 minutes, or until noodles are done, stirring occasionally.
 Makes 6 servings. 

Calories            Carbs                 Fat              Protein              Sodium
214                        41                   5                  54                       384

My husband has now been up and around for a little while. He says the chicken & noodles smell good- so that's a good sign! He told me that is the worst he thinks he has ever felt while being sick.
Have you been "caught" by the sickness going around?

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New gym/ new opportunities

Injury prevention yoga 30 mins- You can find it here.

I've been going to a gym off an on here in my hometown. Recently I heard of two more gyms opening up in my town. (This is huge, as we've only had 1 for a long time.) Unfortunately, this means 1 or more will probably go out of business, as that's what always happens when more than 1 gym opens up here. 

I haven't been happy with my current gym for a LONG time. I thought of going to my mom's gym, but that's a 20 minute drive. No thank you. Currently I only go for zumba once in awhile, and to run on a treadmill if it's raining. The equipment is nasty, the classes are bare (and what they do have are always canceled!) Plus, they just haven't treated their members very well. So yesterday I decided to check out one of the 2 new gyms. (I've heard it is better than the other one.)

Final touches are still being done, but it looks incredible. The equipment is brand new (duh) and is top of the line. Not only do they have 2 fitness rooms, they also have classes on demand. This basically means if a class isn't going on, you can press a button and do any class you want. They have suspension training which I am SO excited about! The real selling factor for me, though, was that it opens at 4am on weekdays. FINALLY I can work out in the mornings! My current gym opens at 5:30, which just isn't enough time for me to get ready for school after working out. Plus they are always late to open. So, there's that. You can check out the website here if you live in Goshen and you are interested. 

Basically, it's a top of the line gym for this area, and I cannot wait for it to open. I signed up today and I still get my discount for working at the school, plus they waved the registration fee and gave me a free t-shirt. Whoop whoop! I'm pretty much in heaven. Now I just have to pray they open in a week or so! 

Do you have a gym membership? Why/why not? If so, what is your favorite aspect of the gym?

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Monday, December 17, 2012

That which does not kill us makes us stronger

Workout: Friday-rest
Saturday- 40 min walk
Sunday- 5 mile run

Words seem so inadequate to express my feelings on what happened in Newtown, Connecticut Friday.  Forgive me if I don’t try to express them. I know I hugged my kindergarteners extra tight before they went home that day, and I am so looking forward to spending time with them this coming week before Christmas. Please continue to pray for all victims and families involved. 

Sunday I ran five miles. This is the farthest I have ever run. I would love to sit here and write that it was easy and I felt amazing, but that would not be the truth. The truth is that it was hard. It was harder than any other run I've ever done. I broke down in tears when I finally reached my house and saw my husband. I was physically and mentally broken from that run. But...

I did it. 

I finished. I ran for 5 miles. If you follow me on Keek you already saw my video when I took a break half way through. I've never had to take a break on my own before, so that was really tough for me to accept that I needed to stop. This run took me a little over an hour to finish. I was incredibly sore already, and knew it would be best to do an ice bath

When I walked in the house, I told my husband I needed his help and the tears started coming. He immediately stopped what he was doing, and helped me get into our bathtub. I filled it with cold water while he went and got the ice, and dumped it in for me. I knew it was going to be horrible, but it was worse than what I had thought. No really, until you've had an ice bath, you truly can not fathom how completely terrible it is. It was the longest 15 minutes of my entire life. Andrew stayed in the bathroom with me to talk and try to make the time go faster- Bless his heart. 

After the ice bath, I showered and laid around for the rest of the night. Today is supposed to be a stretching/rest day, and I'm going to do some yoga. 

Have you ever been in an ice bath? What do you do to make it bearable?

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sponsorship opportunities

Interested in becoming an uncharted territory sponsor? Just click below and adproval will take care of the rest! Interested in doing a giveaway or having me do a review? Contact me directly at!

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Keek a peek!

Cross Train day-
45 min on elliptical 

Whew, I was a bit sore today from my run yesterday. It felt good to go workout on the elliptical. SO boring, though. I seriously contemplated getting off and running a few times. It amazes me that I used to do the elliptical all the time in college. Elliptical and weights. BORING!  What I wouldn't give to go back in time and start running early on. Oh well, it's my thing now!

Something happened to my iPhone and the power button is stuck. I called apple and they could fix it (it's still under warranty) but the screen is also cracked, thus the warranty isn't valid. Whomp whomp. So... now I have a cracked screen and a stuck power button. Awesome. I'm thinking I should buy one of the iPhone tool kids online and try to fix it myself. It can't get any worse, right?

I joined the Keek world today. I'm a little wary of it, since anyone can see your videos, but it still seems pretty cool. Follow me! @Eheadings

Are you a Keeker? What do you think about it? 

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Back to life

Tonight I jumped back on the exercise horse and set out to run four miles. This was my "before" picture. 
As you can see from my face, I wasn't too thrilled to be running. I was still exhausted from being sick and wasn't sure I could make four miles after having a week off. 

But I set out. I was slow. (What else is new?) Jeffrey and I had a few stops along the way. First was a stoplight. Then he had to poop 12 times. Then the same stop light on the way home. Finally, a train. A really super long train. Ugh. 
Jeffrey waiting for the train to pass
But I finished strong. I didn't have to stop at all becuse I was tired, so I was glad for that. It was definitely nice to have a short break when we had to stop for the train, though. 

Here is my after picture- much happier!

 I iced my legs and took a shower. Andrew isn't feeling well now, but wanted to smash a big mac in his face. Since today is 12.12.12 Big Macs are only $1.12. Disgusting. 
But I obliged. Don't worry, I did not partake in any Big Mac disgustingness. ick.
The line was super long, too!
 It's crazy to think that this is the last repeating date that I will ever see. 

Did you do anything to celebrate 12.12.12 today?

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Questions - Answered

 I was nominated by two more blogs for the Liebster award. Instead of doing an entire post like before, I thought I would just answer Amy and Allie's questions here.

Amy's questions: 
1.  How long have you been blogging?
I started blogging before Drew and I were married. That blog was deleted when I changed my name in my email address, so I started all over. I had just a few entires before I became seriously about it near the end of September of this year. So not very long! 
2.  What is your favorite holiday?
Christmas, by far! Not only is it to celebrate Christ's birth, but I get two weeks off to spend with family and friends. Can't beat it. 
3.  What was your favorite subject in school?
Any sort of reading curriculum. I LOVE to read and discuss literature. I also really enjoyed my music classes. 
4.  What is your favorite dessert?
That is a tough question. I go for different things every time. Sometimes I want something super rich and decadent, and other times I want something fruity and light. I think I crave frozen yogurt the most, though.
 5.  Who is your favorite musician or band?
Another tough question. I hate "favorite" questions, because my tastes are always changing! My favorite artist right now to run to is probably Nicki Minaj. Embarrassing, I know. I'm really into Kari Jobe right now too. She's a great Christian artist. 
6.   What is your go-to outfit?
Well, my weight is changing, so that is a tough one. I'm big on boots with leggings, and simple jeans and a nice top. 
7.  What is your greatest phobia?
I don't have any phobias, but I get scared/stressed when I'm in loud places with bright lights. It's almost guaranteed that I will get a migraine. 
8.   What is your favorite show?
Right now, probably Nashville. It sucks me in. 
9.  What is your favorite color?
10.  What is your favorite Christmas movie to watch?
I'm not a "traditional" Christmas movie watcher. I love the movie  Love Actually  and used to watch A Christmas Story every year, but now I'm sick of it. My LEAST favorite Christmas movie is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. I loathe Chevy Chase.
11.  What is your favorite drink?  
Water & sugar free chocolate milk. mmmmmm

Allie's Questions:

 1. If you were on death row, what would you last meal be? 
Probably a humongous salad with house dressing from The Down Under. A family friend owns the place, and the house salad is soooooo gooooood. I can't think of what else I would have with it. Maybe prime rib, baked potato, and garlic bread? hahaha I don't know!
2. What is YOUR favorite make-up product?
I switch makeup all the time, but something I always go back to is the Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies in blackest black.I've tried hundreds of different mascaras, and this is always the best. Right now I'm using L'Oreal Paris double extend beauty tubes, but it just isn't the same. It comes off much cleaner, but the look just isn't as great. 
3. What is your favorite hair care product? 
Hands down, dry shampoo. I used to wash my hair every. single. day. I have very long straight hair, and it was just so dry on the ends, but would get greasy at the roots. Started with dry shampoo and can go 3 days when I really want to. Right now I use the cheap-o Suave Professionals brand, and it works fine, for under $3. Win! 
4. Where do you like to shop for clothes?
Where do I actually go, or where would I LIKE to go? I haven't gone full out shopping for a long time. 1- we are cheap. 2-I'm losing weight. But I like Maurice's because the clothes are pretty cheap and ok quality. If we had our college loans paid off and house paid off I would shop at the Buckle, Ann Taylor, and LOFT a whole lot more. 
5. What is your favorite "unhealthy", go to cheat meal?
Olive Garden, and fast food. Ugh, I know. Fast food was like an addiction for me. 
6. What is your favorite thing about your significant other? Or what do you look for in a man?
This is a hard question. My husband is seriously the best. I would have to say my favorite quality is his selflessness. He is always looking at my needs over his. 
7. What is the best gift you ever received?
My wedding from my parents. It was perfect. 
8. Why did you go into your chosen profession?
Because I was insane. Ha- no, just kidding. I love children. I love how you can make a difference in their lives. I love teaching. I love when the "lightbulb" goes off and they learn something new. There is nothing like it!  
9. What is your favorite song right now (like currently being played)? 
Kari Jobe's We are. Oh, and this song from Nashville. So good! 
10. What is the best trip you've ever been on? Who was with you?
I would have to say my honeymoon. It was a ton of fun but unfortunately but we both think we need a redo for reasons I won't share here. I am glad we had a day after the wedding before we left and I got to be with Drew on his first flight ever (I KNOW, right?!)
11. What is your favorite snack to eat?

Popcorn, chips, anything salty and crunchy. 

Do you have any questions you are dying to ask me? I would love to answer them! 

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Know the difference

Weighed in this morning after being sick. all. night. 193. I am a lucky girl for being sick right before I weighed in. It was probably WAY over that before.

Someone on my fit camp's page posted this picture....

and I love it. It's like it was made for me. I am not a failure for not exercising 5 days in a row. I am not a failure for eating like crap. I've just had a setback and it's time to get back to being healthy, happy, and fit.

I am taking just this one last day off, as I was up all night getting sick. Tomorrow, I am going on a long run after school. I am going to try to do 5 miles, and we'll see how it goes. As always, I will update you on how the run turns out. I am SO ready to get back outside to run. Hopefully the snow that we received melts and is warm enough to be outside. 

Since I've been home all day, I've been researching what I want to use as fuel during my long runs once I get there. Many runners use gels. I'm just scared they will be disgusting. Chomps sounds more up my alley, but these things are so dang expensive!

Are you a runner? What do you use as fuel? GU gels, chomps......?

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Monday, December 10, 2012

When the going gets tough....

To be completely honest, I have not done anything active since last Wednesday. Remember this post when I said I switched my "rest" days? Turned out to be more of a rest week. I've stated before that I can't do "cheat" meals or days. Well, this proves that. I have one off day and it's like I'm completely gone. 

I woke up today feeling awful. I had a terrible pain in my stomach before getting sick a few times. TMI? Sorry. After almost being late to work, I felt fine the rest of the work day. I ate a banana for lunch and drank lots of water. Once the kids left, I had that funny feeling again. My stomach just felt unsettled and I felt a little light headed. I got home and ate dinner, and am still not feeling well. I figured I felt this way because my body was fighting back from the horrible things I ate this weekend, but now I'm wondering if it's some sort of the flu that has been going around. A friend a work got sick with the same symptoms last week, and I had a lot of children out sick. So... who knows. I made up some sub plans for tomorrow just in case. 

Was REALLY hoping to run today to make up for my awful weekend, but I guess it will have to wait until I feel better. I'm glad I planned a few extra weeks in my training or I would be way off. I fully plan on running my 5 miles tomorrow after school. Hopefully I will feel up to it. I'm not posting this here to give excuses for my awful eating/logging/exercising . I am here to be held accountable and to turn it around. See the change here, guys? I've had so many times like this where I have a bad few days, and just let it ALL go. But like the saying says....
When the going gets tough, the tough get going. 

Do you have an accountability partner, or someone who keeps you "in check?"

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sock bun

I promised to have the sock bun picture up yesterday, and I didn't have time until today. Sorry about that! 

What you need: 

  1. 1 long sock
  2. 2 hair elastics 
  3. bobby pins
First, take a long sock and cut off the toe so it looks like this-

I used one of my husbands old socks (CLEAN!)
Next, you will start rolling the sock like so- 

 Keep rolling until it looks like a little doughnut-

Then, you will put your hair into a ponytail. Make sure the pony tail is right where you want the bun to be. 

Take the sock doughnut and put it over the ponytail. Wrap hair around it until it is next to your head. Secure with elastic band and bobby pins. 

Let's be honest here, it is much easier to watch a youtube tutorial. Click below to get a much better view of how to do a sock bun! I kept mine pretty simple, but next time I want to make it messier with more volume. 

Let me know if you try it! 
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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Super dork

35 squats
40 sec. plank
Skipped my run

I posted this to my instagram today, with the caption-    "I don't have time to workout." I just did my plank and squats during my lunch. What's your excuse again?

But... then I didn't run. Workout fail. 

When I left work I went to a meeting with our head volleyball coach, and then I had another apt after that. When I finally got home I had a headache and decided my body wanted a break from working out. I decide to take my rest day today and run tomorrow. A little switcheroo never hurt anyone, right? :)

Along with my rest day I decided to go out to dinner with Drew, and I didn't worry about logging. It felt nice to just relax with him for the evening. He had a basketball game, so It was also nice not having to rush dinner to get my run in. We'll see if I feel the same way tomorrow about switching my rest day!

After we got home from Drew's game, I got online to research sock buns. I know, I'm crazy exciting, ya'll. But after a few tries, I GOT IT! I am SO excited! My hair is layered so it was a little tricky, but the end result is super cute. My new cheap-o (what else would you expect from me?) glasses game in today too, and now I can be a super dork!

I'll make sure to give ya'll a picture of my sock bun tomorrow. Because I know you don't care are waiting on the edge of your seat. 

Do you have a "day off"? Is it a planned thing or do you just take one when you need it?

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Goal clothing

Zumba at gym- 45 mins
Plank-30 seconds

We had our last weigh in for our current challenge today. I am down .4 lbs. Weight loss has been very slow lately. I'm wondering if it's because MFP and my fitbit aren't syncing right. It seems like I might be eating too many calories. I'm going to try to not eat back quite so many of my exercise calories, and see if that makes a difference. 

I'm just dying to get into the 180 range. My dress pants are getting baggy, but I haven't noticed too much of a difference in my jeans. I have many pairs of jeans that are too small, so I'm excited to get to wear them again! I've heard of people hanging up "goal" articles of clothing, and I'm thinking of doing that too. 

Do you have a "goal" piece of clothing? What is it?

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