Sunday, September 30, 2012

Need a reason to stop eating?

I follow @NotCommonFacts on twitter. Today they posted that skittles and jellybeans are made from crushed insect parts. Um, sure. So I checked it out- it's TRUE! 

Skittles, vanilla ice cream, sugar, and wendy's chili were new ones to me. 


Ok, here it is. The before pictures. Just another warning.... graphic images ahead.

No, really, you might want to stop here.

okay... I warned you....

There it is, world. Gotta love the muffin top  pillow top. Ick. I can't wait to post some after pictures. My goal is to lose over 80 lbs.

My healthy weight range is from 121 - 160 lbs. My goal is to make it to 135. That's a HEFTY goal, ya'll. But  hey, I'm a hefty girl. :)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Heading into uncharted territory

I started my training today. Not going to lie, it was tough for me. I'm feeling great now, but my knees hurt a little bit.  I looked up my C25K plan, and realized there are only three training days a week. I think on my off days i'm going to be doing 30DS. Of course I will have rest days, but I want to kick some butt and get off to a great start this month.

For Day 1, I went 2.24 miles with a warm up, walk/jog combination. I was wearing my polar HRM and burned 688 calories. This first workout was supposed to take 30 minutes with a warm up/cool down, but it took me 44 minutes.  I had the voice commands turned off for about the first 8 minutes, so my warm up was rather long. I restarted the program once I got the voice commands to work again. I went a lot farther then I thought I would, so that felt good. I also was able to take my little dog Jeffrey along, which was fun. I'm not sure if he will be able to do the whole program with me, but I will bring him along for as much of it as I can.

 I was looking up some info about apparel, and I found this website explaining about running shorts. I have a few that fit me now, but I'm looking into getting some sort of  longer running pants or tights.

Stay tuned for some "before" pictures. Or I guess the better thing would be to say... WARNING! Graphic images ahead.....

You can't say I didn't warn you.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ready or not...

5K... here I come! It may be ugly, but I am RUNNING this thing. 

I've always wanted to run the Turkey Stampede on Thanksgiving morning. Cooler weather, cool tee shirt (yeah, I'm one of those that wants the ugly tee shirt,) and you get to accomplish something big before you go stuff your face. I'm in.

Now, for those who don't know me, i've never been a runner. Ever. 


Like, it pained me in high school to run the mile

But something needs to change. I'm the heaviest I have ever been in my entire life. Like, a number I would shudder to post on the internet. Even on a blog no one reads. So here I am, a fat girl ready to make a change in her life. 

I've dieted and lost/gained weight so many times, it's like a constant cycle. I'm done with it. I'm ready to be healthy for life. My mother and husband have heard this so many times, so I'm not telling them. I'm just going to do it. I'm not doing it for them anyway- it's for me. 

I have the EXACT amount of time until the race to complete the couch to 5k program, which i've heard is great. Day 1 starts tomorrow! (Prayers, please!)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stop asking.

Does anyone else get asked stupid questions? Questions that you really wish a response could be a punch in the face rather than an answer? I do.

When are you having kids?

When is it YOUR turn?

Ok, so-and-so is pregnant, do you have news too?


Do people REALLY not realize this is not an appropriate question to ask someone? I can understand family and close friends, but people I barely even know are asking me. Future married friends- as SOON as you get married, (like, literally, before you even leave for your honeymoon) people will be asking you this crap.

My husband and a dear friend of mine have come up with a few responses to this. Many are inappropriate (surprised?) but someday i'm just going to say them anyway.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Yep folks, I'm back. After 9 months of being in our house, I can finally post a few after pictures. We are not finished yet, but the biggest projects are finished.

My dad worked hard to help us remove the vinyl flooring and did our tile for us. It's BEAUTIFUL! Oh, and there's Jeffrey. He's a new addition too! :)

Our bedroom. Hoping to paint this and get a new bedspread and headboard. 

Guest bath. Needs paint (so does our bathroom.) It's still white from when they built the house. 

We put in shelves to make this more of a pantry. 

Hallway with my lonely shelvers. 

This is our little corner behind our kitchen table. The kitchen needs paint but I just had to show these cute little utensils I found at the apple festival. They wont be on this wall, but we had extra nails already there from the previous owner so that's where they are for now. Crooked and all. 

Kitchen. I made the "EAT" myself! It was hard to find things that would fit above the cabinets that weren't fake greenery (ICK). I would still like to add lighting up there. 

Our living room with carpet- yay! Also our termite damage is all fixed. You can't see through the wall anymore! I forgot to add a picture of that, but it's basically pointless because you cannot even tell. The red mirror my mother bought from pier 1 for a Xmas gift, and the awesome wall art above the other couch was made by my bestie Sara for a wedding gift. Andrew still needs to fix one of the panels that is too far apart. 

Here is the entryway. I love the tile here! 

I was planning on posting a picture of the guest room but we just got some furniture that needs to be placed, and then I will take a picture. 

So far we... 
  • fixed termite damage ($237ish)
  • painted living room ($30)
  • added shelves ($75)
  • Added tile to kitchen, bathroom, and hallways ($750- no labor which saved TONS)
  • added carpet to bedrooms and living room ($1,300)
  • Today our washer pooped on us- so we had to buy a new one. :( That was an unexpected $400.
Total spent on the house so far- $2,792. 

We've done a lot to the landscaping but for some reason my pictures didn't load. More on that later. There is still SO much to be done, but we want to make sure we do a little as we go along. 

Still to be done....
  • Paint both bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchen
  • curtains in bedroom and living room
  • new bedding
  • change all ugly gold doorknobs and such- (which REALLY adds up! Those are so expensive!)
  • little decorating to make it "finished"

We've been so fortunate for amazing family. We are able to do everything pretty much ourselves with the help of family members. The only aspect we didn't DIY was the carpet.