Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It's time

For me to start caring again.
I have been feeling increasingly unattractive lately. I'm incredibly white,  my teeth are disgusting, my hair is tired, my makeup looks terrible, my nails and toes are in desperate need of attention, and I feel huge. 

It snowballs for me.
When I gain wait, I stop caring about what I look like- in a negative way. 
I wear old clothes.
I spend very little time on my hair and makeup.
I just give up. 

I've noticed that I had fallen back into that rut again. I mean.. look at these pictures. I swear I'm not a ghost you guys.  

I've been losing the weight again, so it was time for me to make a change. 
I always feel better when I look better. 
That may sound incredibly vain, but it is how I work. 

This past weekend, I used up part of a gift certificate and got a pedicure and a spray tan. 
I'm spending a little more time on my hair and makeup in the mornings. 
My husband and I went shopping this weekend, and I got a TON of new clothes for less than $100. 
I made a concoction to whiten my teeth. 
And of course, I'm doing the Advocare challenge!

I'm already feeling so much better. I feel more energized. I am excited when I wake up, and it doesn't take me 5 minutes just to roll out of bed. My major motivation for all of this is wanting to take some new progress pictures. I haven't been able to take progress pictures for MONTHS. I haven't gotten my booty serious enough to lose the weight. IT IS COMING SOON! 

What are some things you do to make you feel better when you are in a funk?

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