Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I have joined a woman's group on Wednesday nights at my church. We are currently reading the book Get Out Of That Pit by Beth Moore. We've had discussions about what our "pits" are, and it was amazing for me to just listen to everyone else and think about my own "pits" in life. It amazed me how many of us as women think we need to change something about ourselves to please others. This might be a change to make a relationship better. It might be changing ourselves to do our jobs better. It could even be trying changing the way we look, by either getting healthy or something else. But maybe it isn't always US that needs to change!

This whole idea had me thinking and journaling about other issues woman face with trying to change things in order to please others. Soon after my journaling, I stumbled on this link about photoshopped pictures of stars. I decided to take a look. I knew that everyone photoshops EVERYTHING, but it amazed me at just how far they would go. 

 I wonder how much work they had to put into Kim K's picture below. 

 This next one is just crazy. They didn't edit much else besides taking at LEAST 2 whole dress sizes off her. 

 And Faith Hill? She is gorgeous with no retouching..... 
 Take a look at this. Beyonce's famous curves are gone in an instant. 

No wonder so many of us have such a negative self image. We compare ourselves to these women who are photoshopped to "perfection," but beyond all recognition. 

My goal in my weight loss journey is not to look like these photoshopped women. My goal is to be my best self. I want to look and feel great, not perfect. PLEASE remember, our goal should never be perfection. It's only about improving what we already are. 

Make sure YOU are changing for the right reasons, for YOUR health, for YOUR confidence, and for YOUR happiness. You will never match up to the "perfection" others like to sell us. You are perfection all on your own. 

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