Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening...

Please tell me I'm not the only one who sings that song every time I think of pizza? Oh, memories of living in the 90's. 

I've had a few more friends and old acquaintances lately tell me they've been reading my little blog. It will never cease to amaze me how many people are dealing with the same battles. I've had renewed friendships just from having this thing for all to see. I even have a new workout buddy!  It is TERRIFYING putting my weight/pictures/journey out in the open, but this blog is helping me to grow in my journey, and as a person, so it's worth it. 

So I wanted to say thank you to everyone who knows me personally that has been so supportive. I appreciate your kind words and letting me know you are following along with me!

I've been going over and over this in my brain if I should write this or not, but I am going to. I want to be real, and honest with you all. It's not pretty, but it's me.  

Today I woke up, and did NOT want to get out of my bed. I seriously contemplated going back to sleep. I don't know what pushed me out of that bed, but I made it to the gym this morning. It's almost like my body knew what I was going to get into later. 

We serve breakfast to our kids everyday. They bring it into my classroom in a bag, eat it, and throw away the trash. We have a spot on the counter top for food they haven't opened that they don't want, that others can take and eat. I chose to set this up because they wasted SO much food every single day.  I am (almost) NEVER tempted to eat this, mostly because it is garbage and doesn't appeal to me. But every Wednesday, they serve breakfast pizza. I remember growing up, cafeteria pizza was my absolute FAVORITE meal. Yes, that cardboard disgusting excuse for pizza was my favorite. It has been such a struggle for me to stay away from the extra breakfast pizza in my room! Today, there were three pizzas sitting there. I had eaten a luna bar on the way to the gym, and I even made myself a fruit smoothie to fill me up before work. 

But I grabbed one. I scarfed it down in a matter of seconds. "okay," I thought to myself, "Just one. I can log it and I'm done." Seriously not even 2 minutes later I grabbed another one. Scarfed it down. "ALRIGHT. This is ridiculous. I can control myself!" Yep, went and ate a THIRD ONE.


I logged the pizzas, and ate less the rest of the day, but my gosh. You would think I would be able to stay away from that processed JUNK by now. I mean, seriously, that stuff is disgusting! 

Just goes to show you, even after a GREAT week of working out and eating right, we can all slip up! I had a choice to make better decisions throughout the day, or give up and eat whatever. I made a decision to not let my stupid pizza situation derail my progress. THAT is a huge step for me. You are better off finding some sort of win out of that kind of situation, or you will drive yourself crazy every time you slip up. 

Do you have something that derails you easily? How do you deal with it? What precautions do you take to not make the same mistakes?

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