Friday, February 8, 2013

Warmer weather causes poor decisions

As I was walking to my car after work yesterday, I was hit by the realization that I wan't cold. At all! I couldn't even see my breath. This meant one thing= RUNNING OUTSIDE!!!!

I got home as fast as I could and put all my running junk on. I quickly messaged a friend of mine to ask if she wanted to meet me during the run. She passed, and I am so thankful now that she did. It would have been quite embarrassing.

I. Died.

This was a before/after shot of the temperature before I ran. I was so excited about it being in the 40s so I took a picture. It proved helpful while writing this.

This was me before-

Notice the clean shoes.
Mid stretch, before the run
This was me after.

SOAKED shoes


 My run started out really well! I was running a 9.5 min/mile pace, which is really fast for me. Right at the .5mile mark, my lungs stopped functioning. I started hacking and trying to breathe, and had to stop running. After .5 mile.

I continued walking/running for about 1.5 miles, and quit.

Yep. I rode the the struggle bus all the way home.  What had started at a 41-42 degree tempature, had suddenly dropped to 37.

Will I ever run outside when it's still that cold ever again?


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