Monday, February 11, 2013

Worse than childbirth

Hi there! I hope you had a fantastic weekend! I know we did. It was pretty low key, but those are always nice! 

My husband and I started out the weekend at a local Mexican Resturant. Liters of margaritas were on special, so I went for it. They had kiwi, so I mixed it with strawberry and it was delicious! Low calorie- absolutely not. Do I feel guilty? Not a bit. I needed a break from my challenge! 
 After dinner we decided to go visit my friend Sara. She works full time as a graphic designer, and part time at a coffee shop. We stopped in to say hello since we never see her! 
I always have to sneak pictures of my husband, he hates it! 
I had ULTRA red lips from the marg, so B&W it is.

 We are boring old people so we went home to watch our shows and I fell asleep pretty early. 

Saturday my dog had a grooming apt, so I parked down the road and we had a nice little walk downtown. It was early, so not many people were out yet, and it was so calm and peaceful.  

That evening, we babysat for an old high school friend of ours. I told her when she came to pick him up, that if I was guaranteed to have a kid as awesome as he is, I would be down. 

He and Jeffrey are buds. 

He looks slightly like a large rat with his haircut, but I love him anyway. Oh, and he loves perrier. Who knew? 

I had almost forgotten about my apt today with an ENT. I was excited/ nervous to see what he would say about my tonsils. He told me almost immediately that I need to get them out. He had asked who my doctor is, and I told him I go to Dr. Thut (pronounced Toot. hehe!) He explained that he wasn't surprised that Dr. Thut told not to have my tonsils taken out. He actually said "He is the most conservative doctor I've ever met. Actually probably in the world. Great guy, but sometimes taking action is a better solution." He explained that if I had been to any other doctor in Goshen, I would have had them taken out years ago. 

Although that was a bit annoying to hear, I was relieved at the same time knowing I wasn't crazy. My appointment lasted all of about 15 minutes, and I sat down to schedule the surgery. I scheduled for July 10th. They were surprised I scheduling so far out, but when you are a teacher, the kids always come first! :) By July, summer school should be over too, so I will be FREE as a bird. 

Now to prepare for pain that some say is worse than childbirth. My poor, poor husband will have to deal with me being an ultimate weeny for around 10 days. I am sure he is thrilled. Hey, it will take down my weeny sick days, though! :) 

Have you had your tonsils taken out? Any tips for me?

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