Friday, May 31, 2013

Starting to sloooooow down

It is my first day of summer vacation. So far... so good. I hope to be able to get back to blogging everyday. I will have a full week off next week before summer school, so I hope to get all of my big papers and projects done for grad school that week. We'll see if I can do it! It's taken me a while for it to "hit" me that it is finally summer break. I'm going to miss my class so much. I took these photos on the last day of school.

Kinder Graffiti 

Field day fun 

Yesterday we had a teacher day. In the morning we had a quick meeting, and then had the rest of the day to work in our rooms. I came home for lunch and decided to use my time to plant my flowers. I really want to have the time to make my yard look amazing, but it just isn't going to happen this year. I just don't have the time. So this past weekend I bought 2 bushes, a hanging plant, and 2 flats of flowers. My mom is a gardening guru so she helped me pick everything out. Thanks, mama! Over my lunch I was able to plant 1 flat of the flowers, and the two bushes. I got a LOT dirtier and sweatier than I thought, so I had to take another shower before going back to work. But it was a productive lunch!

Then last night when I took Jeffrey out, I saw that my Peonies were starting to bloom! I picked some and put them in a big mason jar. Aren't they gorgeous? The house next door is foreclosed, so I picked some from their bush too! I just love them.

I tried to sleep in this morning, but my dog woke me up vomitting. He always does if he hasn't eaten in a long time. He ate a little last night around 10, and he woke me up at nine. Poor guy. Usually he can go a lot longer than that.

After I cleaned that up, I went on a short 2 mile run after (confession) not running since my 5K last Saturday.  It took forever to get ready, as I was dreading it. It started off okay, but about 1 mile in I thought I was going to die of dehydration, as I lost probably 10 pounds in sweat. Gross, I know.

Oh well. It's done and over with. Not all runs are going to be amazing, the important thing is that I am out there and doing it. My goal is to do four miles on Sunday. The picture above says the high is 64, so hopefully it is right! That's the perfect temp for me. 

How do you beat the summer heat? 

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Weekend recap

After running my 5K on Saturday morning, I got home to find my husband mowing the lawn. This might not sound like a big deal to you, but for Drew to be up at 9 in the morning, on a Saturday, on his own, is a huge deal. He did some yard work so I took a shower. When I got out, I was feeling great so I decided to deep clean the entire house. Usually I wait for a break from school to do a huge deep clean, but I went for it. I cleaned the entire house top to bottom, and then finally sat down. When I finally allowed myself to sit down I realized how tired I really was. Funny how that happens.

Soon after I sat down, we left to see my Grandma. She asks Drew to set up or fix lots of things for her, and this time it was a weather radio. So we walked to her house. We look ridiculous.
We got home, and I wasn't hungry, (I got Starbucks on the way home from the race) so Drew ate all my race junk for his lunch. (Do people really eat oatmeal cream pies or honey buns after a race? ick!) I was just glad to get it out of my sight.

Then I worked on my online classes the rest of the day. Fun stuff, I tell ya. I was so excited to put my second race bib up, only to realize that it was EXACTLY like the first one. Bummer. Oh well, I'm getting at least one more in September!

Saturday night we went to my in-laws house for dinner. About once a year his mom and dad grill these amazing chicken legs. It was a HUGE feast!

Sunday came and we went to church. I got to love on my niece the entire time in her sweet little strawberry outfit. Isn't she just the cutest?! She adores the music, and loves to clap. She's such a little peanut- she only weighs 15 lbs and will be 1 in August. She is currently in the 6th percentile for weight. Me and my mom are trying to fatten her up!

Just look at that outfit! I die!

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My 2nd 5K

Whew! It's a bit of a whirlwind around here. Online work for grad school is completely bogging me down, sorry to be missing lately! This weekend however I was able to put away the books for a little bit and run my 5k,  clean my house, see family, and even relax a bit.

On Friday night we drove to Elkhart to pick up my race packet and t shirt. The "goody bag" was filled with three papers. I kid you not. One was a coupon for a race id, one was information about a triathlon, and one was a sign up for a breast cancer walk. Um... why call it a goody bag if it doesn't contain anything good?

After looking through my bag, I checked out the t shirt. This is the most hideous shirt I've ever seen in my life. It is Forrest green with gold. I paid money for this thing.

After picking up my junk we went to dinner in South Bend. Drew has been craving Famous Dave's for weeks so we went there. Not the healthiest, especially before a race, but it was ok. After dinner we did a little shopping before coming home and going to bed. We were both exhausted.

Saturday morning I woke up and got ready for the race. It was supposed to be chilly, but I thought a short t shirt would be fine. I took a long sleeve shirt just in case, and ended up changing in my car. So glad I brought that long!

Start time was 8, but  I got to the start around 7:20 and waited around a little bit. I HATE being late, so I'm always ridiculously early. Being early allowed me to take some pictures and enjoy the morning, though! As I walked up to the starting area, the park had some great things set up for memorial day. 

Finally, at around 7:50, they started the National Anthem, and a 21 gun Salute. It was really cool to watch, and a great way to start off Memorial weekend. 

After the 10K start, we were off!  I hung towards the back knowing everyone would start off fast. I started slow and steady. 
See me? In the middle in the blue with sunglasses.
MANY were passing me, but I just kept right on going at my own pace. Not even a quarter of a mile later, I was already passing tons of people who had sprinted past me at the start. Mostly kids and older men and women, but some younger too. As the race went on, I kept going back and fourth with about 5 people. They would sprint ahead of me, and then end up walking while I pased them- still going the same pace. Then they would run past me again, and then stop and walk. I finally passed all of them. 
I'm in the blue on the right. 

I was getting concerned, as I hadn't seen any mile markers, and it was about 1.8 miles in. I finally saw a mile 1 marker at the 1.84 point on my Garmin. That's when I knew something was off. My Garmin has never been off before, so I'm not sure what was going on. I passed the 2 mile marker not long after that, at about the 2.7 point. Soon after that, the race was over. I still don't know which one was wrong, but I'm thinking the race was marked incorrectly. 

When I saw the finish line around a corner, I hit it into high gear. I still felt great, so I finished strong. I was so proud of myself for staying strong and keeping my pace the entire time.

I even SAW the camera this time... and it still looks like i'm struggling.  Fail. 

I finished, grabbed a bunch of food (which admittedly I didn't eat, I took it home for Drew!) and walked back to my car. I had forgotten to stop my garmin. This is what it said when I got back- 

My car was at least a quarter mile away. The distance only reads 3.17, and a 5K is 3.1 miles. So this proves something was off. Besides the distance being off, the race went well and I had a great time. 2nd 5K down, a half marathon to go! I think I want to sign up for a 10K or 15K  before the half. I'll have to research races. 

I'll give a recap of the rest of our weekend tomorrow. Did you do anything special for Memorial Day? 
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Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope everyone has had a wonderful day celebrating. 

Thank you to all military members. Because of you, we are free. 

Also thank you to the families and friends of military members who have also given more than I can even imagine. 

Thank you. 

Happy Memorial Day!

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Another Tabata Workout Wednesday

I have another Tabata workout for you today! I found this while looking around

Yesterday was a cross training day, so it was a perfect time to try this out. Tabata workouts are great if you don't have a gym membership. I decided to suspend my gym membership over the summer, as I am training for my half marathon and won't be there much. I know many of you do not work out in a gym, so this is perfect for you. You can take a pre-planned Tabata workout and change it to fit your needs.

I used this Tabata timer, and it was so nice to not have to keep my eye on a stopwatch or clock while I was in the middle of a move. You can change the timer to do more tabatas or more rounds.

I had a super amazing morning this morning. I woke up and checked my Instagram, to see this picture-

Skinnymeg (one of my favorite bloggers) was doing a tabata workout! I commented that I was excited she was doing a Tabata- as it was my workout Wednesday post last week. She replied (ah!) that I was where she got the idea! So cool. Sorry, I'm star struck at the moment.

My weigh in this morning went well. I've told you all that I had gained most of my weight back, but never uploaded a picture. I was scared, to be honest. I need to be accountable, so here is my picture.

Yesterday I got a little out of control with my eating, but got right back on track. That almost never happens. I eat something that I shouldn't, and it's a downward spiral for the rest of the day. NOT yesterday! I am so proud that I can say that. If you ever want to check out what I'm eating, you can do that here. Don't judge though, I'm still working to get back on track.

Have a great workout/weigh in Wednesday, everyone!

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

highs and lows

I wrote a while back that I was thinking of eating back in my classroom again. I did yesterday, and it was so nice. I remember now why I started! It's quiet, calm, and no temptations around me. I would bet that  teacher's lounges have the most junk food of any other profession. Today I went in to refill my water before going back to eat, and there was a huge cake sitting there. Literally everyday something else is in there for us to get fatter. Not for me anymore.

I bought a big bin of spinach from Sam's a few weeks ago for my smoothies. We ran out of lettuce for taco night, so I used spinach instead. I've become a huge fan of it. I bought another bin this weekend and I'm going to use it for my salads this week. I thought it would have more of a taste than lettuce does, but it really doesn't. Plus it's much better nutritionally than iceberg lettuce. Win/Win!

Last night I went on an easy 2 mile run with Jeffrey. Or... It was supposed to be two miles. I knew it was going to be hot before we went, but boy was I unprepared. It was stifling. It was so muggy and hot, we didn't even make it a mile and a half before we had to start walking. It was a bad choice to run right after work. Bleh. It was so hard to breathe and I was tight from Sunday's run. I was expecting a nice easy run like Sunday- not so much.

Poor Jeffrey was so hot, he drank all his water and then sat on the vent until he could cool off.

I've never seen him breathing like this before...

I was feeling so great after Sunday's run, and now I'm not so sure if I can train through the summer if it's going to be like it was last night. That was horrible. Thank goodness the temperature for my race Saturday is low 60s. That is MY kind of running weather! I look forward to putting another bib on my race/medal hanger.

After doing my pathetic excuse for a run, we went to dinner for my mother in law's birthday.( Have I mentioned before how much I adore my in laws? If I haven't, then that is a shame. I enjoy them all SO much.) Anyway, we were waiting on his mom to choose where she wanted to eat. I told my husband she would probably choose a pizza place or something so it would be cheap for us to pay for her meal. (She is always thinking about us). I was wrong- but close. She chose a Chinese buffet! After having a great day nutritionally, I definitely ruined it at the buffet. Back on track tomorrow. It is always hard running after eating junk, I need to make sure I am fueling my body properly.

Tomorrow I hope to have some lunch ideas for you!

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Getting there!

This weekend had it's ups and downs, but one of the best moments was finishing a 3 mile run on Saturday morning. I woke up after sleeping in and got Jeffrey and myself ready for the run ahead. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to run the whole thing, especially with the warmer weather. This will be my first summer running- as I didn't start running until fall of last year. Anywho- we got ready and went. I kept telling myself that I was going to go slow and steady- and I kept my pace the entire time. I felt amazing. It was one of those runs that just feels right. Those are the runs that made me fall in love with running. I was able to enjoy it and breathe easy knowing that I CAN run a half marathon. Yes, it was only three miles, but I can begin my training for my half now and I am so thrilled to say that.

This Saturday is my 5K and I am getting so excited for it! This will be my second after running the Turkey Stampede 5K last year. The Two Rivers Meet 5k is in Elkhart, IN and will start at 8:00 am. I told my husband he didn't have to go, but maybe he will be sweet and come with me. I DO need a photographer, afterall! :)

I am just so proud of myself for getting back into the swing of running. I realized when I compare myself with other's times, I am not as happy or as proud of my accomplishments. I'm done comparing, and I am just going to focus in on me. I'm not running or training for any sort of time, I just want to finish. Time doesn't matter. My half marathon goal for this year is just to make it to that finish line without stopping. My shift in attitude has already helped improve my running, just by me letting go of worrying about time. I'm getting there!

After my run I started hearing ringing in my ears and had some blurry vision, so I knew a migraine was coming on. I took my medicine but it was an awful one. Usually if I catch it early and fall asleep, when I wake I am fine. When I woke Saturday evening, it wasn't gone. I took another pill, but our friends were coming over so I just tried to deal with it. It wasn't horrible, but it was annoying.

Sunday was a "rest" day, as Saturday was my long run for the week. After meal planning and buying groceries, I laid out for about 20 minutes. I'm translucent, so I didn't want to burn. We have a big tree in our backyard, and the little "heliocopters" were falling all over me while I was laying outside. I took a picture of my view.

 Those little seeds sure are annoying, but I've never seen the beauty until today. I love this picutre. Isn't it funny how we can miss the beauty of the world around us?

After having a wonderful weekend with family and friends, Jeffrey and I took advantage of the last few hours Sunday evening for a short 1 mile walk. It was beautiful outside. Warm with a nice breeze.

I feel refreshed and ready for the week ahead! How was your weekend?
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Friday, May 17, 2013

Spring Fever VoxBox

I received my Spring VoxBox this week, and I was super excited to open it!


Basically, Influenster sends me a box of samples for me to try, in exchange for my opinion. I'm not sure why they think my opinion matters, but I'm up for trying new things! Here is what I received, and my thoughts.

 Tastykake kandy bar kakes (4.49)- I was given a Reese's peanut butter cake. I looked at the nutrition facts first, and at 280 calories and 15g of fat a pop, I wasn't about to eat the entire thing. I had a few bites and gave it to my husband. I was NOT impressed with this. I figured with it being so fatty, it had to be awesome, right? Wrong. It was super dry, and the chocolate coating around it tasted like wax. Yuck. These are $4.49 per box, but you won't find me buying these.

Secret Outlast Clear Gel Antiperspirant- $4.59)I was not a fan of this D-od.This stuff goes on as a gel, and I feel like it has to dry before I can put clothes on or anything. I feel sticky all day with this on, and I notice a smell after I run. (Gross, but true.) If you need a good deodorant, try Secret's clinical strength. You can thank me later. I use Secret Clinical Strength and although expensive, that junk is amazing. I recently tried an off brand because it was cheaper, but nothing can beat the real thing.

NYC New York Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm- (2.99)This lip balm smells amazing and is a pretty color! I put some on each morning and can enjoy the color for a few hours. I probably wouldn't go buy this myself, but I liked it. 

Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on manicure ($5.99-7.99) I got a purplish color to try. These were just okay. Honestly I would rather just have a manicure. These seemed to snap off me pretty easily. They say they can last a week, I call bologna. At least for anyone who works with their hands. I would be much more likely to like these and buy again I saw a pretty pattern or design.

And last but not least best, Schwarzkopf Profession OSiS Dust It-($23.00)This stuff surprised me entirely. I read that it was $23 and laughed. But really, it's magic. I can sprinkle just a little bit on my scalp, and it's like i've already back-combed it. Super amazing volume!!  I would for sure buy this in the future. Amazing!

Have you gotten a VoxBox before? What was your favorite product? 

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I received a Spring Fever VoxBox from influenster. I was given these products to try in return for my thoughts. All opinions expressed herein are my own. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Throw back Thursday

Is it the longest week ever, or is it just me that thinks this? Constantly today I caught myself thinking it was Friday and then feeling super disapointed realizing it was only Thursday. I am counting down the days to summer! I feel worn out with my humongous load of work with grad school and the end of the school year nearing. It's time for a little break.

It is unfortunately only Thursday, and anyone on Instagram knows what that means....


I know. Super exciting. Bear with me here. I have LOTS of old pictures to show you today! This week's TBT's theme is my husband.

 Junior prom, and the most ridiculous prom picture ever. (2005)

This is before we started dating. Probably summer of 2006.

Right when we started dating. Spring 2007.

Summer 2008

 That one time when I had brown hair for a month. (Fall 2008)

 Sometime during senior year of college (2009)

At our friend's wedding (2009)

 And today. 

Do you have some crazy ridiculous prom pictues too? I'd love to see them! 

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