Sunday, June 16, 2013

To my daddy

You are the strongest person I know.  Growing up I thought of you like a superhero, and I still do. You are the hardest worker, always working until the work is done. Period. I got my work ethic from you. 

You say the greatest "gems" of anyone else I know. 
"Worrying is giving an inordinate amount of time to something you have absolutely no control over." 
"Get 'er!"

I can always count on you. You are calm, and help me fix whatever it is that has gone wrong.

You constantly sacrificed for us kids to do all of our different sports and activities. I didn't always see/know that growing up, but now I do.

Thank you for being my father. I never had to wonder if you loved me or if you were proud of me, you always let me know.

Thank you for being my daddy. I love you!

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