Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Well, hello there!

It's been awhile, hasn't it? I'm preparing for school starting next week, so I've been a little absent around here. I will pop in from time to time when I get a spare moment, but I'll be back to writing everyday soon.

My eating has been really great! I haven't stepped on a scale in who knows how long, and it feels great. I listen to my body before I eat, and for breakfast and lunch, listen to whatever it needs. Some of my favorites in the last week or so have been 365 berry flax protein & fiber crunch cereal with fruit and strawberry Kefir yogurt.

 A great snack for when I have a sweet tooth (It's my TOM, ahem) is a whole grain graham cracker with almond butter and mini dark chocolate pieces.
 My absolute favorite lunch is a salad with green onion, a small amount of reduced fat cheese (I need to use full fat, but old habits die hard) with some whole grain piti chips and hummus.

You can see my new Butler Tervis tumbler. How did I not know about these before?! It keeps my water cold all day! I am in love. I cut up a lemon every other day and squeeze it into my water. I try to drink at least 80oz a day, which has been super easy with my Terivs lately.

Dinner is usually planned out in advance, but I always have lots of veggies and fruit available, and haven't been eating as many carbs. I've figured out that I don't do well with dairy, either. I stick with almond milk If I need to add milk to something, and the Kefir yogurt is 99% lactose free- so it's easy on my stomach. I had a little ice cream the other night and thought I was going to die. Never again.

I'm hoping to list some recipes soon of some healthy crock pot meals and freezer meals with the new school year coming. Cooking is going to be harder to get in, so prepping in advance will be key with me. If you have any good recipe ideas, please send them my way!

On another note- my best friend just started reading here. HI ROOMS! :) Yeah, I hadn't told her a thing about this blog, and she finally asked about it. I am not one to just say, "oh, hey, I have a blog!" Especially with people I know and love. I'm a little nervous for her to read it... but I'm not sure why. It's different when total strangers are reading, but when friends and family find it? Nerve-wracking! I've had lots of people I know tell me they've been reading lately. It's fun to find out who my readers are, and even better if I hear that they have the same struggle I do, and I can help them in some way. That's the whole reason I started this thing!

Anywho- I'm off for now. I hope to be back soon with some half marathon updates!

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Crazy sale

Remember that one time (at band camp) when I attended a fancy fashion show? Flourish invited me back to preview their overstock sale last night.  If you live in the area, stop whatever you are doing, and GO. Right now. I give you permission. I left with an insane amount of goodies. I actually had to put a lot of pieces back because I didn't want my husband to have a heart attack. "But it was on sale!" You know you've said it. 
The incredible overstock sale is from today until Sunday, and their hours are 10am-6pm Friday and Saturday, and 12-4 on Sunday. All overstock items are marked down between 60-90% off (except I got some jewelry for 98%... holla!) They even have some new arrivals marked down. Okay, back to the clothes. 

First, lets start with this little beauty. I am convinced this has to be in my top 5 as far as clothing pieces in my closet go now. 
Loooooove. I'm going to wear this as a dress until fall comes, and then pair it with some tights and boots. 

 These were the other items I came home with...

These tops were SO cheap! I regret not getting this in the other colors they had. Guess I will have to go back again tomorrow.

That polkadot scarf was only 6 bucks. 

And the grand finale- my huge jewelry stash! 

I didn't pay more than $8 for any of that. The earrings were only $.50! 

Now that I'm home, I wish I would have purchased these: 

I thought I was spending too much money, but really with all the discounts it wasn't much. I couldn't believe how cheap the jewelry was! 
Flourish has everything organized so nicely. The jewelry was all in separate bins right when you enter the store. I was digging in those for at least 30 minutes, and kept finding treasures. 

Check out their huge wall of camis. The top ones are actually corset camis, which are so nice! 

I have gone to this overstock sale a few years now and I always find some staples for the beginning of the school year. I would suggest going near the beginning of the sale, though. Last year we went on the last day, and it was hard to find sizes because it was quite picked over.

 If you do not live near the Granger area, you can also shop  online, although the overstock sale is in store only. They still have great deals online, though! Flourish always has free shipping on all orders over $100. With the amount of gorgeous pieces, you will want to spend well over that! 

For my out of town ladies, stay tuned for info on Flourish's Online Flash Sale!

I could go on and on about Flourish, they are my favorite store. I will stop for now since I know you are getting ready to drive there. Right? Well, come on! Get going!

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

2 years down, 75ish more to go!

Today is our 2nd anniversary. I kept thinking it was our 3rd anniversary, but Drew helped me count (haha) and it's only been two years. Crazy! Prepare yourselves for plenty of pictures.

I remember waking up with butterflies in my stomach. The day was FINALLY here!

It was insanely hot that day. In the picture below, we were dripping with sweat. Those lightbulbs were hot as well, and we were soaked. 

 For the next picture, our photographer took us from the reception to take a long shot to show the fireflies.

Our friends had decorated my car. The next morning, our family was coming over so we could open gifts and have brunch. Drew took my car to the car wash, and it wouldn't come off! He had to wash it by hand for awhile before it all came off. Oh, and the cute little flag that was in the window flew off on the way home. Sad day.

Last year we celebrated by taking a trip to Nashville. We didn't take any big trips this year. Instead, we did gifts. Andrew pre ordered a new Playstation (which is also his birthday AND Christmas gift, uhthankyouverymuch) and I ordered a desk for our spare room. We are crazy like that. Now, we are off to celebrate with dinner.  Have a lovely evening! :) 

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That’s how we do it ’round here

Last night, we were able to go to see Florida Georgia Line at The Elkhart County 4H fair. Let me just preface with this- I hate the fair. Completely loath it. It's hot, dirty, smelly, and just gross. People around here LIVE for the fair. Go every day, take off work, and they just cannot understand why I hate it so much. Honestly? I get overwhelmed! I've told ya'll before that I have a.d.d. I can't focus when I walk. I keep looking at everyone in the crowd, just constantly scanning. It's tiring! In the past I like to go one day, get the food I like, and get out of there. Andrew has a company picnic here on Saturday, so it looks like I will be there for 2 days this year. Anyway, back to the concert. 

When we arrived at the fair, the grandstand was already completely filled. They had actually stopped allowing people in a few hours before we arrived. That is craziness! 

We arrived around 6:30 or so, and the concert didn't start until 8, so we walked around the fair. I grabbed my once a year treat- mini doughnuts. To be honest though, they weren't even that great. I remember craving them SO much, but I don't know if I will buy them again. I guess that's a win! 

After walking around for awhile, we rounded our way back to the grandstand. We scored track seats from Drew's cousin a few days ago, which was great. She came a lot later than us, and we found out she got to go backstage and meet Florida Georgia Line! So cool. 

Look at her boots! So cute. 
The 2 little girls in front of us were SO excited. I think they were FGL's biggest fans. They kept screaming (which was annoying) through the entire thing.

My whiteness knows no bounds. 

I heard that some people came to get seats in the grandstand at 9 am. THAT IS 11 HOURS OF WAITING! Insanity. I saw someone I knew after the concert, and they said we were lucky for getting track seats. Lucky? No. We paid for these seats. Anyone could have bought tickets when they came out. It wasn't sold out in a day or anything. Silly people. :) 

They drank a lot on stage, which I was expecting. I mean, listen to their songs?! Parents were angry I guess with all the drinking. If you do a little research beforehand, you can pretty much see that they are going to be cursing a bit and drinking. Again, silly people.

It was a great concert, and we were glad we went.  The worst part by far was trying to get out of there after it was over. Traffic is always awful leaving the fair. 

Do you go to your local 4H fair? 

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Monday, July 22, 2013

We were falling in love in the sweet heart of summer

This weekend was fast and furious! Drew went to Warped Tour on Saturday, so I decided to drive down and visit my friend Elizabeth in Indianapolis on Friday. It takes a good 3 hours to get to her house, since she is on the south side. I decided to make a pit stop at my Alma Mater for a walk and to drop some cash.
I just love Butler. It is so incredibly beautiful. I had forgotten how much I had missed this walk! 

I lived 2 years here, and met the most incredible women. Love AXO. 

My Freshman dorm. I don't miss how hot it was, but I have fond memories here. 

Typical Bulldog photo

 I stopped into the bookstore for a shirt and wanted to find a water bottle or something that I could use at school this year. Am I the only one that constantly loses water bottles? It's getting to be ridiculous. Anyway, I bought a Tervis for the first time. So far, I'm impressed. My ice doesn't melt for hours.

After spending some hard earned dollars at the bookstore, I made my way to Elizabeth's house. I HATE being so far away from her. I teared up when I finally got into her house. Sad, I know. We spent hours talking and then made our way to Olive Garden for dinner. No matter how many times I eat at that place, I NEVER am able to eat my entrée. I could eat their salad forever.

Saturday we spent the day shopping, and then all too soon it was time for me to head home. The drive home always takes forrrreeeevvverrrr. But it was all worth it when I walked into the house to a note from Drew.

The first line says, "I know you probably will post this in some capacity online..." SO true. :) I only spent one night away from him but I missed him terribly. We've been apart only probably 2 nights since we've been married, and I still miss him when we are apart. I think that's a good thing. He got back around 2 am, and I couldn't fall asleep until he was home. That meant a lazy Sunday for us. It was nice though, as I am going to be in my classroom everyday for the next three weeks until school starts.

Today my goal is to get into my classroom for a few hours, and to reactivate my gym membership so I can run in the a/c. Tonight we get to go see Georgia Florida Line at our county fair. It seems like my furious weekend is going to lead into this week! I'm not complaining.

On another note- Someone commented on my "About Me" section of the blog this weekend. I realized I needed an update! I found it hard to write about the changes that have happened since the last time I wrote there, but I did my best.

Where did you go to college? Do you miss it? 

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Friday, July 19, 2013

It's so dang hot....

milk was a bad choice.

I was SO excited to get out and run on Wednesday. It had been almost two weeks, so I decided to go for it. I couldn't take NOT running any longer! I woke up Wednesday morning incredibly psyched to get out of the house and go for it. I wasn't entirely sure how far I wanted to go, so I decided to leave it up to my body. If I was having a really hard time, I would only do 2 miles. If I was feeling good, 3.
Before{disregard my uneven utensil art}
I grabbed my dog, and off we went. The first mile was great! It was warm, but not unbearable. My legs felt good, and I had lots of energy. It was a little hard to breathe, because my throat is still swollen, but nothing terrible. Then, right after I hit the mile 1 mark, the humidity hit me. It was like a brick wall! I had to stop almost immediately and walk. Ick. I tried to walk/run my way home, and it turned into mostly a walk. FAIL.

I felt a little better when I looked up the humidity when I got home and it was at 85%. But still, it was a letdown. I told my husband about it and he said I could restart my gym membership. WIN! {Backstory for those that don't know- I put my gym membership on hold since I was only running outside and wasn't using it!} I will be heading there to run on the dreadmill soon. I also need to start doing some cross training to build up the other muscles, so that's a plus too.

Do you have a gym membership? If not, where do you workout? 

I'm off to visit my best friend in Indianapolis. So excited to see her!
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

mommy, is that a boy?

One night when I was still in in the middle of healing from my tonsillectomy I was HUNGRY. I had eaten all of the soup and soft foods we had in the house. I was going stir-crazy, as I hadn't been out of the house for about a week. I decided to head to the store just down our street to pick up some soup and other soft foods to carry me through another few days.

You can imagine how ridiculous I looked. I was in all my grungy glory. I didn't bother to put on any makeup, do my hair, put in contacts, or change out of my t-shirt and running shorts. I was looking pretty gorgeous, let me tell you. I grabbed my purse, and was on my way. I knew I wouldn't see anyone I knew. It was a weeknight, at a small grocery store that not many people use. I grabbed a little basket, and began to look around for things I could get down easily.

After making some choices, I rounded my way to the freezer and refrigerated aisle. I was almost to the cash register when I saw a little boy and his mom. He stared at me, so I smiled (as much as I could) at him. And then, I heard,

"Mommy? Is that a boy or a girl?"

Oh... my life. 

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Peanut Butter Protein Balls

Searching Pinterest, I stumbled upon the the all favorite Peanut Butter Protein Balls. I pinned a few different recipes, but didn't find anything that really suited my taste. So I took this recipe, and made it my own. These are delicious! They taste incredibly similar to these no bake bars we used to have in high school. I was obsessed with them. These are a perfect protein packed snack midday when you are low on energy. I had one after dinner, and it satisfied my sweet tooth as well. Promise me you will make these, Okay? You won't regret it.

 photo dd18f451-cd78-4161-b514-a6b3e51d21d3_zps3bf28c43.jpg

 photo DSC00865_zpsc32f8870.jpg
1/4 cup ground flax seed
1 1/4 cups old fashioned oats
1/4 tsp salt
3/4 cup natural peanut butter (you could use any nut butter)
1/3 cup of honey
2 tsp vanilla
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

Mix all ingredients together in a medium bowl. (I know. Difficult recipes here at M.U.T) 

 photo DSC00872_zps314c2dbf.jpg
Use Tablespoon to measure out balls. 

Roll balls and place into container. Keep refrigerated. 

 photo DSC00878_zps77f7b014.jpg
Jeffrey was "helping"

Nutrition-Yields : 22 Protein balls 

                                            Calories        Carbs         Fat     Protein       Sodium     Fiber
Per Serving:941053492

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