Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dedicating my miles

Today I was reading HRG's blog and read about someone she knew who dedicated each mile of her half marathon to someone important to her. Have you ever heard of this? What an amazing idea! I'm only going to be running 6.2 miles this weekend, but I want to have a list of people to think about each mile of my run. I will share this list with you soon.

I am getting SO excited for race day! I have only done two races now, but each one was just so exciting. The energy in the air is intoxicating. For the 10K Saturday, we have a later start time, so I even get so sleep in! Score! My friend E and I were chatting last night about dinner options. I was thinking Chipotle, but then she brought up Flat Top Grill. Um, why didn't I think of that?! I am so thankful I get to stay with her at her family's house, it is such a blessing to not have to worry about getting a hotel or diving an hour on race day.

This morning my workout was pretty lame, to be honest. I did a hard 30 minutes on the elliptical doing a hilly course, and then focused on my arms. I should have done a short run, but I just wasn't feeling it. I was tired and therefore lazy. I'm going to allow myself to sleep in tomorrow, and then go on a mid-length run after work.

After my workout this morning, I went to a local coffee shop. It recently moved locations, and I wanted to check out the new place. My friend works there told me they have almond AND soy milk! I'm not sure how I didn't know this before, but I decided to go and try a almond milk latte. I ordered it iced with sugar free caramel syrup. It wasn't as good as a normal latte, but it didn't give me stomach pains, so I can deal.
It's SO cute in their new location! I felt like a total creeper, so you only get a shot
where no one can see me taking pictures. 

After work I was starving, so I had a protein bar when I got home. My husband got home and was also starving, but wouldn't eat a snack and didn't want to wait long for dinner. I was toying with what to make, when he basically forced me to go to a chinese buffet. No, this isn't a joke. There was yelling involved. We were laughing hysterically the entire time, but it was yelling nonetheless. He kidnapped me and made me to eat Chinese food with him. :)
I don't think it would be so bad if I didn't eat those fried chinese doughnut things.... ughhh.

What is your favorite Chinese food dish? 
Ever dedicate miles to people you love?
What is your typical order at a coffee shop?

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Monday, September 23, 2013

whoa whoa whoa.

How is the weekend over?! Is it just me, or did this weekend FLY by? I looked back at my pictures Sunday evening and realized I took approximately 309432048. If you don't like pictures, you may want to skip this post. If you love them, well, you are in for a treat.

Friday night we  went to dinner at a new-to-us place a town away. It is called Sports Time, and a friend of ours said it was a great cheap place with great food. Our server was amazing and when we told her it was our first time, she told us all about the place. They make almost everything from scratch, and that is VERY rare around here. I was already impressed, and couldn't wait to try my food. I ordered a philly cheesesteak sandwich with fries and a salad, and Drew got a burger.

Our food came and I couldn't wait to dive in. I was starving, so I went for it. For some reason, it just wasn't that good. I couldn't figure out why, but I took another bite. All of a sudden I saw it. (I literally feel sick to my stomach reliving this) A huge wad of plastic wrap, melted into my sandwich. GAG. I couldn't believe it. I literally stared in disbelief while Drew just stared back at me with a shocked look on his face. I think our server saw my face and came over. She couldn't believe it either. She apologized around 15 times and kept saying this had never happened before. Poor thing, she probably thought I was going to freak out. She told me she would take it off my bill and get me a new sandwich. I can't believe I had the guts to speak up, but I told her I didn't want another sandwich- because I don't think I would have been able to enjoy it. I decided to switch to the fried fish instead. I could kick myself for not taking a picture, but I was too shocked to even think about it.

The fish ended up being a WAY better choice. It was the second best fish i've ever had (only behind my dad's fresh caught fish made with my mom's secret recipe) and I got my appetite back after receiving it. The below picture is form their Facebook.

The picture does not do it justice. It was amazing. 
Sports Time redeemed themselves with the fish. :) The sandwich was a huge bummer, but I'm glad we still gave it another chance. I can't believe I'm saying this, but we will probably go back. 

After dinner I was (yet again) dying for chocolate, so we went to get some frozen yogurt. I put all of the the least healthy options on top. But it's yogurt, so it's healthy. Right? ha.

I got home to find my little Jeffrey had gotten into my little first aid kit and was eating a tampon. Nice. 

 Saturday morning I woke up ran my last long run before this weekend's 10K. I am super excited about it! My old coworker and friend E is letting me stay at her in-laws Friday night so I don't have to drive an hour on race day. I am SUPER grateful for that, but I am even more excited to catch up with her! Oh,  and the run will be fun too. :)

It was perfect weather for 6 miles. It was nice a cool, and it even rained a bit right before I got back to my house. I was really struggling to keep pace the first couple of miles. Every time I looked at my Garmin, I was going way too fast. I really had to concentrate on going slower. This hurt me near the end of the run, I had to really push to finish.

During the run I tried a GU for the first time. The flavor wasn't bad, but I wasn't expecting the texture to be like it was. It was super think and coated my mouth. Ick. It seems much easier to consume while running, but I think I probably prefer chews. It's just my first one though, so I will keep giving them a try.

 As you can see, my outfit was ridiculous. I wore my most comfy clothes in hopes that it could get me out the door. It worked. I made sure to stay off any main roads for fear of someone seeing me. Ha.

After the run I showered and ran some errands. Later on Saturday we went to Nappanee's Apple Festival.

 I wasn't very prepared, and it ended up being a heck of a lot colder than I had expected. We had fun anyway. How can you not have fun with this little apple around?

I had been waiting all day to splurge on a super decadent dessert at the festival, but nothing really sounded good. I finally got a strawberry shortcake, but only ate a fourth of it or so before giving the rest to my mom. It just wasn't that great. 

After that it was too cold so we decided to go home. All the booths were closed anyway, but a band that my family loves was playing. They aren't our style, so I don't think we missed too much. :)

 Sunday I woke up ready to head to our church. I sing with our band and it's one of my favorite things to do. I just love it and I am so grateful  to be able to do it. I will continue to sing God's praises until my last breath.

 After church my husband and I decided to make an incredible burger creation. Yeah, we ate terribly this weekend. Anyway, back to the burger. If you've been to Scotty's Brewhouse, you may have heard of the Shewman special. We created our own, with crispy baked red potatoes on the side. Um.. yum!


This morning I didn't go to the gym, I'm going to take a rest day. Tomorrow I will be back at it! I'm not quite sure what I'm doing yet, as I want to have fresh legs for Saturday's race. I will probably just do a short run on the dreadmill and some arms. 

What did you do this weekend?
Did your weekend go too fast too?
Are you running the Fort4Fitness? If so, I would love to meet you!

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Siri strikes again, TBT, and my latest obsession

Hello! Happy Thursday! One of my friends that I was able to reconnect with this past weekend sent me this picture of us from a spring break trip we took in middle school.

Ridiculous. My brother is the 90's style blondie. ha. It's hard to believe this was over 13 years ago. Whaaaat?!
If this picture isn't good motivation for me to lose this weight, I don't know what is. 
I've been doing so well with getting up early to get to the gym lately. It helps me wake up and gives me endorphins for the day.  I need them more and more this year for some reason. Early endorphins=happy Emily.

Anyway, working out in the morning has been going SO well! It's hard getting out of bed, but once I do, I am SO glad I did. Last night  I was able to update my iphone to iOS7. I started the update about 30 minutes before I wanted to go to sleep, thinking I would have enough time. As many have shared, it takes HOURS. I didn't know if my alarm would still go off or not, but I fell asleep before the update was finished, so I wasn't able to check. It didn't go off, so I woke up with my husbands alarm. Siri strikes again!

My plan for this morning was to focus on my lower body, but since I have my long run scheduled for Saturday, i'm not sure if I should do it tomorrow or just wait. We'll see what happens. No matter what I AM getting to the gym tomorrow! I can't get out of the habit.

For some reason, my craving for chocolate has been intense this week, as evidence of the 20 hershey kisses i've been eating everyday. Okay, so that's a little exaggerated, but my chocolate kiss consumption is really is getting out of control. It only seems to strike while at work. Not sure what all that is about, but I plan on giving them away tomorrow so I can attempt to control myself. Other then the chocolate, i've been wanting lots of fruit and vegetables. Is it hard for anyone else to keep produce around the house for a full week? Either mine goes bad (any kind of berries) or i've eaten it all to KEEP it from going bad (lettuce, kale, etc.) I need to find a better way to store or buy things to keep them fresh longer.

Along with chocolate, I've been super obsessed with spaghetti squash lately. I go through phases where I  fall in love with something, eat it all the time, and then I get sick of it. This is my current obsession. It's pretty much the easiest thing ever.

Cut in half & remove seeds

Sprinkle with a little salt and pepper. Microwave for 8 minutes.


Once large squash lasts for 4 separate meals. Cheap, healthy, easy. LOVE!

What is one food you are loving?
Do you have an iPhone? If so, what do you think of the update?
Do you keep old photos around to motivate you?

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ramen Noodle Salad

One of my favorite salads is a ramen noodle cabbage salad that my mother in law makes. I've had other versions, but hers for some reason is the best. She makes HUGE batches of it, and it's always gone by the end of the day. It's salty and sweet, crunchy, and super interesting with all the different textures in the salad.  My mother in law was kind enough to write out the recipe for me. After taking a look at it, I was shocked. I KNEW it was high in calories, but I had no idea just how bad.

I decided to lighten up the recipe using lighter and more healthful alternatives. (obviously, it still has ramen in it, so it's not completely "clean.") The original recipe called for a cup of oil, a cup of sugar, and an entire stick of butter.  I switched out olive oil for vegetable, took away a whole stick of butter, and used Truvia in place of sugar. I also brought down the amounts for the dressing, as the salad is always swimming in it. The result is a lighter, healthier version of my favorite. I didn't even notice a difference in the taste!
It's not the prettiest salad ever, but it may be the tastiest 

1 bag shredded cabbage (or 1 head of cabbage shredded on your own)
8-10 green onions
1 package oriental ramen noodles, crushed
2 tablespoons coconut oil
2.5 ounces slivered almonds

1/4 cup light olive oil
1/4 cup Truvia
1/8 cup apple cider vinegar
2 tablespoons lite soy sauce
1/2 ramen noodle seasoning packet*

Melt coconut oil in skillet at medium heat.  Add almonds and crushed noodles, brown slightly. Remove from heat. Bring dressing ingredients to boil and whisk so Truvia is dissolved. Remove from heat, allow to cool. Chop onions and add to cabbage. Add almond mixture and dressing, toss. Yields 6 cups.

*If you just cannot stand to add the seasoning packet of the noodles, you can omit it.

                                                       Calories      Carbs        Fat      Protein    Sodium       Fiber
Per 1 cup Serving:283252364854

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Another one bites the dust

After giving myself another rest day on Friday, trying every cold remedy I could think of, and eating copious amounts of chinese food and hot tea, I woke up feeling much better the next morning.

 I went out and did my five mile run, and felt even better when I was done. It's funny how working out can sometimes sweat out your cold! This was one of my best runs recently. I wrote on Instagram that runs like this make all the tough ones worth it. I definitely had a running high.  After finishing the run, I got right into the shower to get ready for our big day.
We had a wedding to go to Saturday night in South Bend, and the reception venue is about 50 mintues away from our house. We decided to run a bunch of errands since we would be over there anyway. We left with plenty of time to get there, have lunch, run errands, and buy a wedding gift before the ceremony began. We were about halfway there, when my husband spotted smoke coming out of my car. We looked at the temperature gage, and it was as high as it could go. We immediately stopped and opened the hood, to find that something was very wrong.
Car trouble... womp womp...
The radiator was completely out of coolant. My wonderful bother in law and father in law came from a church auction to save the day. They brought coolant, filled it back up, and sent us on our way. We figured we could still go to South Bend, and take the car to get fixed sometime this week. We hadn't noticed any coolant leaking out, so we thought it was a super slow leak.

Not even a mile down the road, the temperature gage was back at the top. We stopped agin and looked under the hood. This time, we all saw a crack. A very large crack in the radiator. We filled the car back up with even more coolant, and drove back to Goshen to drop it off at a repair center. This same thing happened to someone else we know, and the repair would have cost more than the car was worth. We are praying for it to be an easy/cheap fix, but we are also preparing ourselves for the worst. We will just have to wait and see.
As you can imaging, especially after THIS fiasco, we were less than pleased. 

By the time we got back home to get Drew's truck, we had wasted almost all the time we had needed to run errands. We got into the truck, went straight to Bed Bath and Beyond to grab a gift card, picked up some chicken nuggets to scarf before the ceremony, and booked it to the church.

Not quite the lunch we had planned
Once the wedding festivities began, we both felt much better. It was nice to relax and enjoy being a part of E&M's wedding day.

After the ceremony, we went straight to the reception venue. We had to wait a super long time, but we didn't care much because it gave us time to catch up.

For dinner, they started with a spinach salad with egg, bacon, onion, and some sort of vinegrete. I'm not sure if it really was SO good, or if I was just so hungry I would think anything was good. Drew didn't like his, and all I had eaten was some chicken nuggets after a five mile run, so I was starving. Obviously I helped him out and ate his plate too. ha.

After the salad we were served the main course. I picked the chicken, which came with some potatoes and green beans. Drew had the same thing but with beef.
As the night went on, the quality of pictures decreases. Less sunlight! 

I got to catch up with two of my best friends from high school. Aren't they gorgeous?! 
Us with the beautiful bride. She was absolutely stunning!
I am so glad we were still able to make it to the wedding. The day didn't go exactly as planned, but life works that way sometimes, doesn't it? It mades us appreciate our friends and family that helped us out. I don't know what we would have done without them. Now it's the waiting game to see how much it will cost to get my car fixed. 

What did you do this weekend? Any weddings?
Have you had any crazy car expenses lately?
Please tell me someone else eats the extra food their partner doesn't eat.... just me? 

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

running, rest, and being thankful

My workout today consisted of a yoga/pilates fusion class (on demand) and a few minutes on the elliptical. It was really hard getting myself to the gym in the morning. I wanted to get back in my nice, comfy, warm bed.  I am super sore all over, and wasn't feeling the best. I keep sneezing and my throat hurts, so I think my body is asking for some rest. I decided to give myself another rest day tomorrow. If I feel better after work, I'll go on a short run. Saturday is my long run day (5 miles) so I just want to make sure my body is rested for that.

My husband caught up on my blog today and started giggling. He thought I spelled "fartlek" wrong. He didn't believe me that it was a real thing. Honestly, I hadn't heard of it until a few weeks ago.  I guess I'm not the only one!

Speaking of running- I think it's time for some new running shoes. My knees and calfs are starting to ache when I run, which is probably a sign that my shoes are done for. The closest running store is 45 minutes away, so hopefully I can get there this weekend. Currently I wear Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12s, and Brooks only makes the 13s now.

I'm hoping to find some shoes that are a little lighter this time around. I'm open to brands, so we'll see what I end up with. I need to purchase them soon if I want to get them broken in for the Fort 4 Fitness 10K on the 28th! This will be my first ever 10K and I am super excited for the opportunity to run it. 

In a total change of direction here, I wanted to talk a little bit about not feeling satisfied. Not just with food, but with life. I've had so many days lately where I feel like i'm just not doing what God has planned for me. Nothing specific, but I feel like MORE is out there for me. I've been feeling led in a certain direction, but it just isn't the right timing. It's sometimes difficult trying to see exactly which direction you are meant to go. I feel like God is leading me into something, but exactly what, I have no idea. I just have to be ready and willing to take a leap of faith when it's time.

Being positive is always one of my goals. I can get really stuck in being negative, so I try to turn my thoughts and actions around right away as soon as I catch the negativity coming out. If I'm having a bad day at work, I think about how much worse it could be. If I'm feeling sorry for myself, I think about SO many others who have to struggle for their basic necessitates. I have never had to wonder where my next meal will come from, or if I will have a home to sleep in. I am so incredibly loved and blessed, and it's so silly to take all of that for granted. This weekend, I want to really slow down and appreciate everything and everyone I come into contact with. Sometimes we just rush though life without bothering to appreciate and love our surroundings.

What is something you are thankful for?
Have you ever done a fartlek?
What are your favorite brand of running shoes?

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darn you, siri

The day did not start out as planned yesterday. I woke up many times between 3-4 and finally got back to sleep. I awoke to my husband's alarm at 5:45am. "Why didn't my alarm go off!" I yelled to Drew. I looked at my phone, and the alarm WAS going off. With no sound. How is that even possible? I have no idea. Needless to say I did not get to the gym yesterday morning. I was very bummed, but I think I needed the extra sleep.
darn you, siri

At work yesterday, I was craving carbs like a crazy person. I ate some cheese crackers, and then after school I had popcorn. I was so sick of carbs by dinnertime, so I just stuck to protein, veggies, and fruit. A hamburger patty, salad, and raspberries to be exact. Oh, and half a pan of kale chips. Oops. Those are amazing by the way- where have I been?!

 After I got home for work, I knew I needed to go run, but I had zero motivation. I don't know if it was the carbs I ate, or just exhaustion, but I really didn't want to go. I put my big girl pants on and went anyway, and am so glad I did. I only ran for 2 miles on the dreadmill, it was all I could stand. Then I concentrated on my legs with the weights. I definitely prefer working out in the morning, but at least I had time to fit it in after work today.

I'm trying to figure out what would be best for my body tomorrow. My arms are SUPER sore. I thought about just doing a zumba video (we have the little on demand kiosk) or just running. We'll see what happens.

Have you had kale chips before?
Do you ever crave carbs like a crazy person too?
Zumba, love it or hate it?

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


On this day, 12 years ago, I was in 8th grade taking an ISTEP test. We had just finished to take a break, when our teacher explains that something terrible has happened. He turned on the TV, and we saw that a plane had hit one of the twin towers. I was young, and had no idea what kind of impact this would make, but I knew it was big. We all said we would remember this day for the rest of our lives. We watched the rest of the events unfold, and I don't remember much except praying for the people in New York. 

Today, I want to honor all the heros that helped on that tragic day. I want to pray for all those who lost loved ones. I also want to be thankful for the life I have been given.

Where were you on 9-11?

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Head, shoulders, knees & toes

I've been singing that song all day. It doesn't really go with this post but guess what? Now it's in your head too... muah ha haaaaa!

Anywho-I got into the gym this yesterday with no problems. YAY! (if you missed out on the story, you can read about it hereI was wondering what I would do if the woman came up to me that morning, but she wasn't there, thankfully. THAT would have been an awkward conversation.

While at the gym I did a really quick burst of cardio on the elliptical, and then focused on my arms, shoulders, and back. I ended with some 6 minute abs, which usually is easy for me. It's been so long that it was already burning later that day. I'm afraid of how sore I will be today. You know it was a good workout when it is tough to keep your arms up drying your hair- ha!
If you are thinking about working out in the morning and getting ready at the gym, I would highly recommend it. I realized when I was finished getting ready (super early) that I can sleep in a little longer, workout a little longer, and be at work a little earlier. I thought of a few tips if you are going to try it for the first time.
  • Pack shower shoes. I don't think any explanation is necessary. 
  • Be prepared for low shower pressure. This seems to be a problem at any gym I go to.
  • Pack shampoo, conditioner,  body wash, and other gels in travel containers. Super handy to just keep in your gym bag. 
  • Pack anything liquid in a plastic bag in case it leaks.
  • As you take dirty items out of your bag when you get home, put clean sets back in. For instance as soon as I took out my towel, I put a fresh one in. This way I didn't forget to repack anything. 

Tomorrow I will be running 3 miles on the dreadmill and then concentrating on legs. Looking forward to it!

I've been packing my lunch in a HUGE thirty one insulated bag, and I am loving it. I can pack everything I need in that sucker. I've had a few comments about it, but I don't even care. I can put my salad dressing in there, some extra ice (to keep it all cold, AND to add to my water bottle) and breakfast for after my gym session. Total nerd, I know. 

Do you pack your lunch each day? 
Ever get comments on what you eat at work?
What did you do for a workout today?

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Unintentional rest day

I woke up at 5am, super excited to start my day. My gym membership had started again, and I had packed a bag to get ready at the gym for work. I've never done this before, so I spent at least an hour the night before making sure I had everything I needed. I went to Walgreens to buy little travel bottles for my shower junk, and put everything in little bags. It sounds ridiculous, but I was so excited to get back into the gym and do some cross-training.

I got to the gym around 5:15, and tried my key fob. It didn't work. I tried again. And again. And again. You get the picture- it wouldn't open the door. Luckily for me (or so I thought) there was one other woman in the gym, and she was on the elliptical right in front of the window. Surely she would let me in! I knocked once. She didn't look at me. "Maybe she just didn't hear me?" I thought. I tried again. This time she said something out loud that looked like "HELLOOOOO" but wouldn't look at me. Again and again I tried..... nothing. At this point I KNEW she heard me, and I started to get a little miffed. Finally I got her to look me in the eyes and I held up my key fob to show her I HAVE one and it's not working. She walks over to the door and asks me to try again. I did. Nothing. She tells me, "Sorry. I don't know what you want me to do." It took everything I had in me not to scream at her. Emily at 5 am, locked out of the gym, is not a happy Emily. I probably DID look like a murderer in that moment, but seriously. What did she think I was going to do? Rob the place?

 I waited another 20 minutes to see if someone, anyone, would show up and let me in. 20 minutes later and no one else had shown up. Really? Does no one else workout in the mornings?! It was just my luck. Finally, I drove back home to shower and get ready for work. Such a huge bummer. I made sure to call during "staffed" hours later to make sure my fob will open the door tomorrow. They assured me it would. We'll see.

I wasn't sure how the remainder of my day would go, after that fiasco. Work ended up being great.  But after work, the craziness began again. My husband had a rock hit the windshield a couple of weeks ago, which made a small chip in the window. I told him we needed to get it fixed before it spread, but he didn't want to pay the money and said it would be fine. Guess who was right? Now its a HUGE crack and we have to replace the entire thing. Hate to say I told ya so honey. :)   So yesterday I had driven my husband's truck to work to get the windshield fixed immediately after. Long story short, the place ended up being 45 minutes away instead of in our town like the website said. No fixed windshield.

Even with all the craziness of my day, I was determined to stay positive. Drew and I decided to take our day into our own hands and end it on a good note. A couple of blizzards, to be exact.

Heath Blizzards are the prefect ending to a stressful day. 
I was hoping to take a rest day on Friday, but yesterday will have to be my rest day for the week.

What is your favorite blizzard flavor?
Have you ever cracked your windshield?
Do you have a specific rest day, or do you just take it when you need it?

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Red rover red rover send cabbage salad right over

This weekend was awesome! I didn't do anything too exciting, but I feel back in the zone. You know, the healthy, butt kicking zone. I am craving healthy foods, wanting to exercise, and am "high" on life. It's pretty great.

Friday we were supposed to go to  dinner at my in-law's, but we weren't eating until later. Drew took me to get some sushi beforehand. I was pretty full from that appetizer (ha) so I only had one small slice of pizza. We came home pretty early and both went to bed so we could both get up early(ish).

Saturday morning I had a run, and Drew went to The Ohio State football game in Ohio.

The statue marking where we begin are run on the Millrace trail
 I started a running group with my church, but all are welcome. Last week it was just my pastor and me, but this week I had two lovely ladies run with me. They were faster runners than I am, which was totally fine. I just let them start ahead of me so I wouldn't slow them down. We ran two miles to the Goshen Dam, got some water together, and ran back for just over 4 miles. I went really slow, with the goal being to to run the entire time. I made it, and could have gone longer/a little bit faster. Live and learn.

 After the run I rushed home to great ready for a family reunion. Both of my parents have Amish relatives, and my mom's entire extended family is Amish. As anyone with Amish family knows, the food is AMAZING.  I made sure not to eat anything after the run so I could "refuel" there. ha. After lunch many played corn-hole, ladder-golf, and red rover.
My mom scolded me for taking pictures, (Amish aren't supposed to take pictures of themselves) but it is just too darn cute not to. And my family didn't mind. :) 

I left the reunion with plans to go to the grocery store. I've driven past this "Dented Can" store countless times throughout my life, and finally decided to stop in. 
They have all sorts of items that are past the expiration date (but still good), damaged (but still good), bulk items, and overstock from other stores. They had some great deals. I bought some sugar, granola, and cookies for Drew. The MSG tempted me, but decided to live another day pass. 

yes... this is real. 
 Sunday was a relaxed day visiting family, scoring some leftover ramen cabbage salad, and doing a quick 2 mile run with Jeffrey.
Looks gross, takes like heaven. My mom-in-law is giving the recipe, and I am going to try to make a healthier version soon. Stay tuned! 

The run was a lot hotter than I had expected. The air felt thick and sticky, and I was running at a faster pace since it was a shorter distance. I was super sweaty. We ran from our house to the local high school hoping to do some fartleks and stair runs on the bleachers, but it was locked up tight.  Boo. I honestly would have climbed the fence but Jeffrey was with me so it didn't seem like the best idea. Plus.... you know... trespassing.....

 I got home from my run to pack my gym bag (yay for having my membership back starting today!) and saw Drew watching football. I asked him what game he was watching, and it was the game he went to yesterday. That he watched live. Um, what? He said he wanted to hear the commentators. ??????????????????????????????

 Does your husband/fiance/boyfriend/dad/brother/friends/whatever watch a game live and turn around and watch it again on TV?
Have you done a fartlek workout before?
What is your favorite unhealthy salad?

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