Sunday, January 19, 2014

Andrew's deep fried birthday

The weekend before my husband's birthday, he was a little bummed. He had saved his birthday money from my parents and his spending money for the month to upgrade to a new iPhone. His hasn't been working for quite some time. Long story short, he couldn't upgrade... so needless to say he was disappointed. That all changed later in the week when his parents stopped by. 

Drew's mom and dad have heard his whining and complaining about wanting a deep fryer. I wouldn't buy one because I don't want to eat fried food in my home, it makes a mess, it smells, etc. Well guess what they brought him for his gift? 

You guessed it. Not only a deep fryer, but some breaded shrimp, french fries, oil and red lobster biscuits. As I'm sure you can imagine, Drew is VERY pleased with this. I am glad that it is small enough to fit in a cupboard, and hopefully I can keep the mess/smell contained! 

I woke up early the next morning to make his birthday breakfast. He didn't want much, just eggs and toast. Not too hard! :) 

For his birthday dinner, I made a salad along with the items his parents gave him. It wasn't quite as messy as I had thought, but it did smell up the house. I felt like I needed to take a shower after!

Luckily for me the french fries were gluten free! Yay! Unfortunately I forgot to cook mine before making all the other items, so the oil was contaminated. I baked a small handful for myself and had a salad with them. 

I never wanted to be a person who had to cook separate meals for my family, but with a deep fryer and being gluten intolerant, it looks like it is now inevitable.

Do you own a deep fryer? 
Do you cook separate meals for your spouse/kids?

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