Monday, January 6, 2014

Gluten free?

It has been an interesting weekend friends. Friday night I went to a coworker's house for a fun evening with my kindergarten team members/ real life friends.  We ate pizza, salad, and drank wine and sat in the hot tub for a few hours. I had such a fun time until right before we left, when I felt a migraine starting to come on. I rushed home and took my medicine, but it was too late. I ended up getting really sick later because of the pain. I think that was the worst migraine I've ever had.

Saturday I didn't do too much, as I was terrified that another migraine was coming on. My body hurt all over, and my stomach was hurting as well.

That night we were invited to Drew's grandma's for homemade lasagna. There was no way we were turning down free food! I was feeling a little better by this point. We had garlic bread, salad, & corn to go along with the lasagna. His grandma also made a homemade apple pie, but everyone was too full to eat it.

When we got home I laid down and wasn't feeling well again. The aches and pains in my joints were back and my stomach was having some issues.

 Sunday morning we woke up and I made breakfast. I had rice Chex with 1/2 a banana, turkey bacon, and a little bit of scrambled eggs with sriratcha.

I'm still on my challenge but relaxing my eating a little bit. Like I said earlier, I've been having more wheat items and including more processed foods.  I'm wondering if that's why I haven't been feeling well. I've been researching gluten interorance just to see what kind of symptoms came up, and every single one mentions bowel issues (duh) but also MIGRAINES.

The research team surveyed over 700 people through a four-page questionnaire and discovered that many of those reporting migraines that did not engage in migraine-triggering behavior (such as daily alcohol, caffeine and tobacco consumption), and had not experienced any head trauma, were diagnosed with celiac disease or inflammatory bowel disease or had non-celiac gluten sensitivity.  Chronic headaches were reported in 56% percent of those with non-celiac gluten sensitivity, 30 percent of those with celiac disease, and 23 percent of those with inflammatory bowel disease.  Only 14 percent of those in the control group reported headaches. (source)
That is an incredible amount of people with migraines that also have gluten sensitivity! I have researched different ways to help my migraines for years, but removing gluten is not something I've ever tried or even thought about. As I go back through all my chronic migraine research, many suggest removing gluten.

I have decided to cut out all gluten for a month and just see how I feel. 2 of my friends are gluten free and my cousin's family is gluten free, so hopefully I can gain some insight from them. I've also done a little research about gluten intolerance, celiac disease, and wheat allergy. Testing for celiac and a wheat allergy are fairly simple, but researches and doctors haven't found a way to test for gluten intolerance besides taking it out of your diet.

Have I mentioned that I like/ am into /love /am obsessed with bread/crackers/anything carby? But honestly I just want to feel good. If taking gluten out of my diet can help me feel better, I am all for it. We'll see.

I live in northern Indiana, and we are currently un the middle of a snowpocalypse. We've had somewhere around 15 inches of snow in less than 24 hours. Temps are going to be crazy low tomorrow as well. School is already cancelled for me, and almost all businesses are closed so Drew will be home too. I normally never want to cancel school but I am grateful for an extra day of vacation this time around.

I was starting going stir crazy around 3 and decided to try going to the closest grocery store. It was closed, which was surprising. I then went to Wal-Mart, where I learned that the entire road's power was out. Not good! I ended up going all the way across town to Kroger to grab a few things. I was very thankful for my husband's truck with 4 wheel drive.

The roads and visibility were a lot worse going home. This stupid person was walking in the middle of the road. I'm not sure what they were thinking. 

Are you Celiac/gluten intolerant? Know anyone who is?
Are you snowed in where you are?
How was your weekend?

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