Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Budget Binder

Today I'm here to share about my budgeting binder! I wrote about my envelope system HERE. I started my budget with the new year, but really any time is a great time to begin! I personally use THIS to budget. It's a great starting point and you can change it to fit your needs. Once you have your budget figured out, you are ready to make your binder!

I started by buying a 3'' binder. When I began I used a smaller size, but realized with all my receipts I would need something larger. I printed out a quick label, and you can download it as well by clicking on the picture. 
Inside my binder I have a pouch where I keep everything I need for budgeting and bill paying. Inside my pouch I keep a supply of stamps, envelopes, pens, a small stapler, sticky notes, and my budget notepad. 
After my supply pouch, are my binder dividers. The first two dividers are my bill schedule and fixed monthly bills. 
Inside each of these is a bill schedule document. One is for my fixed monthly bills (mortgage, phone, car payment, cable & internet, etc.) and the other is for variable bills (water, gas, electricity, etc.).  I fill in all my bills that are due and their due date, and check them off each month I pay them. This is super handy so I never forget to pay a bill. We were constantly forgetting to pay our parents for our phone bills (we stay on our parent's plans, it's WAY cheaper than getting our own), and now we always remember each month. 
You can click on the above picture to go to the site where I found these. 

Then I have my credit & loan accounts listed. 

We have LOTS of student loans to pay, so I filled out one of these for each one. 
It helps me keep track of how much we've paid and how much we have left to pay, as well as interest rates and other important info. 

Then medical expenses...
Lastly, an "All Other" tab. 
Currently I just have my "additional income" list, where I can list any additional money we bring in for various reasons. Then when I budget for the month, I can take the additional money we have into account .
In addition to the things I listed above, I also have clear page protectors in between each divider. I use these to put any receipts we have. This keeps them neat and not falling out of various pockets. This has been the best system for me so far. 
And that's it! That is everything I have in my budget binder. I've included a PDF of my binder cover and dividers if anyone would like to use them. Just click any of the pictures above to download the PDFs.  Enjoy!

Do you follow a monthly budget?
What is your favorite thing to spend your money on? Mine is my student loans. I just love it so much. HA. But really, I like to go out to eat with Drew. 
Am I the only one still paying off student loans?
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