Monday, February 3, 2014

Baby steps

How are you all doing this fine Monday morning? I bet most of you reading this are tired from staying up and watching the Super Bowl. Or is that just me? Drew and I stayed in and made homemade wings, potato skins, queso dip, and fudge. We had way too much food, but now we have lots of leftovers to munch on this week. It was too bad the game was SO BORING. We were rooting for the Broncos, but unfortunately they didn't show up to the game.

My half marathon training officially starts this week! As I'm writing this I only have89Days10Hours38Minutes2Seconds  left! EEK! Seeing that makes my heart stop a bit.  Although I'm just a little SUPER nervous, I am excited at the same time. It will feel good to get back outside to run.

Along with starting my running plan back up, I need to get my eating in check. Ever since I decided to try going gluten free, I haven't worried about calories. I simply wanted to focus on removing gluten from my diet. I'm starting to get the hang of it, and I'm finding more and more "go to" products to make it more bearable. Now is a great time to get back to focusing on what I am putting into my body. Just because I am gluten free doesn't mean I should be eating any junk marketed as "gluten free." I've been thinking about logging my food on MFP for a few weeks to get back on track. I logged in today and it looks SO different from the last time I logged on. It even had a little pop up that said, "It's been a while! Want to update your goals?" haha- whoops. Feel free to add me if you are on MFP! You can find me HERE.

Did you all check out my budgeting posts? HERE is a post on our budget binder, and HERE is the post on our envelope system. I spend a few hours over the weekend looking at different budgeting videos on Youtube. I was so inspired by other families paying off their student loan debt. We are both fired up about snowballing our budget, and we are making little tweaks here and there to our excel budget spreadsheet. We decided to cut our entertainment budget (dining out, movies, etc) WAY down, and I am going to cook more at home. In the past we ALWAYS went out to dinner on Friday, and usually at least one other time during the weekend or during the week. We spend most of our money eating out, and that is just not a wise choice when trying to pay off debt. I went ahead and looked at the next two weeks, and I meal planned for those two weeks. We are going to eat out twice, once for Valentine's day and once for a fundraiser for the elementary school I work at. Our Valentine's day date is going to be a cheap one, and we are foregoing gifts this year. The word tightwad describes us perfectly.  Hopefully within the next few years we will be DEBT FREE! Just have to follow the "baby steps."

Did you enjoy the super bowl? 
Have you taken a Dave Ramsey class? What baby step are you on? 

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