Q: How tall are you? 
A: 5'7''

Q: Does your husband work out with you?
A: Absolutely not. :) I've asked him a few times, but he isn't interested. He works hard all day, so when he's home, he is in relaxation mode. He cheers me on though!

Q: What do you eat? 
A: Check out my food diary {here}

Q: How do you cook for you and your husband?
A: I typically take recipes and tweak them to fit my needs. My husband isn't too picky and  can never tell when I swap out full fat for no fat/less fat ingredients. Check out my recipes tap for some ideas!

Q:When are you going to have children? 
A: Click {here} for you answer. 

Q: How much weight have you lost?
A: Click the before & after tap to see where I am currently. I hope it changes all the time, so I don't want to write a number here :)

Q: How long have you been on your weight loss journey?
A: This time (my LAST time) in September of 2012. 

Q:What are your top weight loss tips?
A: Everyone is different, so do what is right for you.  Many people will try to tell you what is the "right" way and give you all sorts of opinions. Listen to your body and do what works best for you!

Q: What was it that made you decide you wanted to be healthier?
A: Stepping on the scale in September and realizing how far i'd gone. 

Q:What is your goal weight, and what will you do to celebrate once you get there?
A: My goal is 135 lbs. To celebrate... well, I haven't really thought about that! I think being at my goal weight would be celebration enough. 

Q: What's your favorite go to snack when you're in a rush?
A: I always try to plan snacks ahead of time. For school I usually pack some fruit and veggies to snack on. I keep luna bars in my purse for times I haven't planned ahead and those are great! I find them to be very filling.  

Q: What is your guilty pleasure? 
A:Well, It used to be food, but obviously I am changing that! :) I love listening to some upbeat music when I run, that I would NEVER listen to otherwise! I'm sure you can figure out what kind of songs I'm talking about!