my favorites

The first gadget I use is my iPhone4s. This is my #1 gadget and I could NOT live without it. My favorite running apps I used before I bought my Garmin were

  • Pandora- always set to "workout radio"
  •  Map My Run- tracks how far I run and how fast
  •  C25K app- helped me train for my 5k
  • MFP (Obviously

I have a Garmin Forerunner 410, which I got on sale on Black Friday. I paid less than half! This is a Forerunner 10 which is all you really need for a beginning runner. If I needed a new one, this is probably what I would buy. Simple, cute, and accurate for tracking distance. 

My hubs bought me these for a birthday present that I LOVE. Jaybird Freedom Sprint headphones. They are amazing. I used to have the apple headphones, and my ears are just so small they would fall out constantly. These have different size buds and pads, so the smallest ones work perfectly for me. They are wireless which is so helpful while running. I LOVE these! They never fall out, have great sound quality, and are completely waterproof. Can you get any better than that? 

Before I bought my Garmin,  I used a Polar FT4 heart rate monitor. I wore it to run, 30DS, walk, jump, fly (kidding). Whenever I did something that I considered a "work out" I wore it. Then, I plugged in the calories I burned into MFP, and I can figure out how much to eat. Oh, it's also completely waterproof (all parts) so it was nice to use during water portions of bootcamp! 

You can read about my shoes here. 

Before I bought my Garmin I used this iPhone armband. I think the link I used has it listed for like $.10. You can't beat that. This thing was cheap, works well, and was big enough for my arms (which are HUGE.) I am happy with it. 

THE BEST shorts for running in the summer. Chub rub no more! 

My second favorite running shorts.

Favorite shirt to run with in the summer.

This scale is the most accurate i've ever used. The company is also incredible, and will send you a new one if anything goes wrong. Plus, it's relatively inexpensive!

Love this tape measure to see progress. 

Running... chubby legs... nuff said. 

Pro Compression Marathon Socks 
Not a whole lot of statistics show that these benefit you during running, but a LOT of research show that it helps to recover after your run. My opinion? It can't hurt to run with them on. It might be in my head, but when I do my long runs in these socks, my legs don't ache as much. I love these socks, and I love supporting a small home grown company. Pro Compression is baseed out of San Deigo and all socks are made in the USA. Marathon socks retail for $50, but I can ALWAYS find a 40% code and free shipping. That's pretty cheap for some compression socks. 

After each run, I always ice and use my foam roller. This isn't the exact one I have, but it's very similar.